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The Catharsis: A New Car Made From Magic

By Nicollete Barsamian

The Catharsis, as it is called, by Cannar Production, is a music driven designed vehicle.

It was designed by musician DVCK 0027 aka D. Tyler Klune.

Cannar Production is a New York based production company which was developed with the help of engineers, musicians, film makers, artists, and technology developers.

It is a technology and engineering company with media production at the heart.

Cannar Production stands for all things creative in the world and aims to create a community of artists which spans the world.

Using the latest integration programming and technology, the mission of Cannar is to spread their exposure accross the globe through automotive and media production in order to align the company’s products, promoters, and artistic community with a purpose of global betterment.

The Catharsis by Cannar Production is the first of their design innovated vehicles to hit the market.

Their vehicles are  Engineered by the best. With seasoned professionals behind every vehicle being produced, all of the engineers have been building vehicles for the past 15 years.

The Catharsis is made with essence of music in mind and accompanied by engineers, and designers to accomodate the development and execution of art in motion.

Cannar Production produces Cannar Catharsis vehicles as well as custom films, clothing, and technology driven art all with a backbone of music in New York City.

The products of Cannar Production are magic. That is the goal of the every vehicle that is made by Cannar Production.  They want their products to be described as a magical experience.

The company originated out of New York City when a group of friends who called themselves the Tsunami Scouts came together in Forest Hills, Queens in an effort to bring their powers of friendship together to make something magical come to life. Upon having a great respect for anime, they each chose powers that would enhance the world around them by bringing the mystical forces of good through the powers which they acquired during the pact they all made. DVCK 0027 chose music. Music and art is the core of every Cannar Catharsis vehicle as well as all vehicles and products made by Cannar.

Cannar Production is a company with design in mind.

Cannar Production also sells, made to order, 3 wheeled reverse trike vehicles (2 wheels in front, one in back).

The Catharsis vehicle uses a Suzuki Hayabusa powerplant, and accelerates 0-60 miles per hour in 3 seconds.

Cannar Production charges 54,999 for a Catharsis with an engine from a donor motorcycle with under 3500 miles on it, and $59,999 for a brand new engined Catharsis.

Vehicles take 3 months to finish from first order will be delivered to your door after shipping.

You can arrange for a tour of the building facility in Canada before your custom car is made for you.

Cannar has persisted in pushing towards greater influence in the technology realm for the purpose of extending the community and mission statement they perpetuate and harbor, throughout the globe. The community of art and artistry grows exponentially worldwide as Cannar persists in promoting art and engaging participatory synergy as a form of combatting global unrest.   

Custom Paint is available on the Catharsis as well.  With detialed custom artwork printed or hand painted on vehicles, Cannar will interview customers and make custom paintings to tattoo on to the car’s appearance suited to the owner’s liking and approval.

Vehicles take 3 months to finish from first order will be delivered to customer your door after shipping.

Cannar’s mission statement reads, “Let’s change the world together as a community into an oasis for all, through art.”

The Cannar Catharsis. Driveable art.

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