2016-03-23 / Features

New Traffic Light Debuts On Astoria Boulevard

Councilman Costa Constantinides, Assemblymember Aravella Simotas, State Senator Michael Gianaris and the city Department of Transportation (DOT) Queens Commissioner Nicole Garcia announced the recent installation of a new traffic light on the intersection of 43rd Street and Astoria Boulevard South.

Constantinides said, “This new light will help improve traffic safety along Astoria Boulevard, especially for vehicles en route to the highway. Due to low visibility at the corner, drivers on 43rd Street were unable to assess the oncoming traffic before turning onto Astoria Boulevard. The vast quantity of cars along the Astoria Boulevard thoroughfare, combined with the drivers driving at high speeds to get to the Grand Central or BQE, created a dangerous traffic situation. This new light will help ameliorate these issues. We thank the DOT for their efforts to ensure the safety of all drivers throughout our community.”

The traffic light was installed following community advocacy for safety measures at the intersection. There was no normally functioning traffic light along Astoria Boulevard between Steinway Street and 43rd Street, causing heavy and quick flows of traffic. There is low visibility at that corner for drivers making a right turn from 43rd Street onto Astoria Boulevard. Drivers frequently use 43rd Street as an outlet to the Grand Central Parkway and Brooklyn Queens Expressway. The new traffic light will calm traffic at this intersection.

“The addition of this traffic light will ensure that each member of our community faces less risk of death or serious injury just by walking our streets,” said Gianaris. “Enhancements such as these demonstrate our commitment to safer streets and the importance of making investments in our local infrastructure.”

“This traffic light is one more step towards safer streets. It will help residents on 43rd Street by slowing down speeding cars and it’s going to make drivers safer too. That means fewer accidents and injuries, which we can all appreciate. I want to thank Council Member Costa Constantinides and the City’s Transportation Department for being so responsive to community concerns, ” said Simotas.

“DOT is pleased to work with community partners to identify locations and review them for traffic safety improvements,” said Garcia. “The newly added signal at 43rd Street in Astoria, where DOT conducted a study and installed the traffic light to better establish the right of way for everyone using the street, reflects that partnership, whether Queens residents and New Yorkers in general are walking, driving or biking.”

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