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Have A Happy Easter

Easter is perhaps the most important holiday of the Christian faith. The most iconic hallmarks of Christianity come from the Easter holiday, including the high holy days leading up to it – Good Friday and Holy Thursday: the cross, symbol of the crucifixion of Christ, and Holy Communion, from the Last Supper. Christians believe that Jesus triumphantly rose from the dead on Easter Sunday, three days after he was crucified, sacrificing his life to redeem the souls of the faithful.

Easter Sunday comes at the beginning of spring, when the temperate zone emerges from the deep sleep of winter, and there are signs everywhere of the earth and all her creatures seemingly coming back to life. The sun rises higher in the sky giving us longer days, plants start blossoming, and bunnies and chicks start appearing everywhere, perhaps explaining some of the more secular Easter traditions. Also, some say the eggs represent to Christians the tomb containing the living Christ. There are other traditions in addition to the Easter Bunny bringing candy and colorful eggs, however. There are of course pastries with crosses marked on them, and the symbolism here is obvious. But the pastry has actually been traced back to offerings made by the first-century pagans to the goddess named Eostre every spring, thus incorporating a very long tradition, with an added dimension of meaning. This reinforces human belief in the eternal, giving life a purpose.

This is the loveliest time of the year, and that is cause for celebration for any and everyone. There is so much to enjoy in our beautiful borough, especially now that we are emerging from our own shells made of down or wool or just the great indoors. We hope everyone will take advantage and savor all that is offered in every neighborhood.

However you choose to celebrate this time of year, and it is one of our favorites, we hope you have plenty to share and celebrate with your loved ones and have a sweet and Happy Easter!

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