2016-03-09 / Features

Poppenhusen Celebrates Year Of The Monkey

Photos Jason D. Antos Photos Jason D. Antos The Poppenhusen Institute treated the College Point community, which it has so proudly served for almost two centuries, to a day of festive Chinese music and dance in celebration of Chinese New Year. In recognition of the Year of the Monkey, more than 200 people came to indulge in foods representing many different Asian cultures including sushi, egg rolls and dumplings. There were also performances of traditional Chinese dance, a form of Chinese opera known as Pinyin, traditional Chinese instruments including the Guzheng (a harp like instrument) and songs welcoming the coming of the new year. “A lot of people came and they loved it and I was surprised to see how everyone loved experiencing the different cultures,” said Diane Chang, representing a local Buddhist Temple in Flushing. The Poppenhusen Institute (poppenhuseninstitute.org) is home to many events which celebrate Queens county’s multi-ethnic landscape. Later this year the institute will host a multicultural roundtable series featuring open dialogue discussion on the hundreds of different cultures represented throughout the borough.

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