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Letters to the Editor

Hints Of Nazi Germany

To The Editor:

I do not believe Trump is a hateful person. I do not doubt that he will grab any endorsement to achieve the nomination. David Duke needs no definition. He is the Wizard of Hatred. The KKK now has its candidate in Donald Trump.

History does repeat itself. It is often said those who refuse to learn from the past are destined to repeat it. Most Germans in the 1920s were aggrieved and enraged by the Treaty of Versailles. Their economy was destroyed. It required handfuls of money to purchase a loaf of bread. The citizenry of Germany became polarized, with the most disenfranchised turning hard right. The resulting tearing of society empowered the worst to gather strength, assuming power and making Hitler “der Fuhrer.”

“The Donald,” when pushed by Cruz and others, has held firm that in America everyone deserves certain benefits such as medical care. Trump at heart may in fact be a person who at the moment sells out his core beliefs to triumph over his competitors. If elected he would resort to his true being and negotiate with anyone over anything to conclude “the deal.”

Yet Trump has unleashed the rage, hatred and spirit of evil that in the past brought the world the Holocaust and the ravages of millions of deaths. Trump is no Hitler but he has done nothing to stop the awfulness of the most base to believe they are on the verge of ridding the nation of “them” – the illegal scum souring America by stealing our national treasure while demanding benefits paid for by hard working people left behind in an economy that only enriches the very few.

Perhaps Trump is blind to his creation. Hopefully he will awake to stem the evil that may change America into a nation once loved into one lost to time.

Ed Horn
Baldwin, L.I.

Amtrak, Paint It!

To The Editor:

Regarding “Bridge Needs A Facelift,” (March 2), seeing as Amtrak rumbles through the Astoria and Woodside communities 24 hours a day, and its overpasses are a haven for pigeons defecating over our heads and onto our streets, while providing no service stops anywhere near us, they can curb their arrogance and provide us a more sightly landmark. While I disagree with the proposed Astoria Park waterfront construction and lane change proposals voted on by Community Board 1 at the behest of our local representatives and consider that a waste of money, I agree with Astoria politicians that Amtrak must paint the Hell Gate Bridge, as it has become unsightly. Amtrak upper management doesn’t have to look at it every day, we do.

Joe Campbell

Corona Is Next?

To The Editor:

Corona, Queens is currently witnessing an influx of residential popularity as people are being priced out of newly popular areas of Queens and Brooklyn. I’m wondering if Corona is the next neighborhood to see a change.

Robert Madrid, Leasing Director for LeFrak City, recently noticed people moving to Corona from areas like East Elmhurst and Woodside. He’s also seeing a wave of people moving to Corona who were just hired by a company in NYC and are moving from another state. Many have gravitated to LeFrak City, a 20-building residential development in Corona, because of the features that other buildings in the area don’t offer, including elevators, large balconies, 24/7 security and community amenities. As Corona continues to grow, it will be interesting to see how the area changes to meet the demands of its new residents.

Brooke Shaughnessy

Hoyt Park Needs Trees

To The Editor:

Just wondering if anyone on your team can find out why Hoyt Park in Astoria has had about 10-15 trees cut, some were recent, a couple of weeks ago, others were cut a couple of years ago. When I tried to find out why those trees were cut a couple of years ago, the Parks Department could not tell me why and they said that they usually plant new ones. No new ones have been planted and they just cut down more trees which seemed healthy to me as you look at the healthy bark remaining.

This is a park and playground that is used by many and is in a highly polluted area where sometimes MTA trucks and others are idling for much longer than the legal limit and emiting exhaust and pollution on top of the pollution that is already there because of the RFK (Triborough) Bridge. Young trees, if planted do not produce as much oxygen as these big oaks do, nor do they absorb as much carbon dioxide (CO2).

Shade is also important in these parks for those that are using it or relaxing at a bench.

And speaking of benches there is another “park” on 21st Street and Hoyt Avenue North that also has missing trees, but it has a sign that says “Sitting Area” meanwhile there are absolutely no benches there! It could also be a nice little place for people to relax in.

There is a lot of garbage that piles up on Hoyt Avenue North and South by the bridge, it seems like people just dump their garbage there.

Then someone applies rat poison because of the rats that will appear in this garbage, food, bags, pots and pans, oil ( I have seen a lot), so that they can pass on the toxins of the rat poison to our shoes and our home.

I have put in a 311 complaint about this. Never got a response.

If there is anyone I can contact that will listen and address these issues please let me know and help me out.

Thank you for your time.

(no other info given)

Elections Flawed

To The Editor:

Whenever there is an election of any kind the result is almost always flawed, as people rarely vote for something without being influenced by their prejudices. It is very difficult for people to detach themselves from their prejudices, and analyze the problem from as many ways that are necessary, and then vote intelligently.

Example One, the Oscars: Right now there are a lot of complaints from the black community over the fact that no black actors were nominated. Historically the so-called prejudiced white majority of Oscar voters gave an Oscar to dozens of black actors, but that is obviously overlooked. Well what is the solution to this seemingly bad situation? One might say that there should be more black judges but then how many? Should there be a required 50/50 split even though blacks are about 20% of our population. Now how about the Hispanics, how many of them should be judges, and don’t leave out the Asians and LGBTs etc. What will be the requirements for being a judge, must they sign a non-discrimination statement in order to qualify? Are the blacks there to vote for the best actor or to support the black actors?

Example Two, the Presidential Election: The hope is that we will elect the most qualified person in the country to be our president. There are no other qualifications that should be considered. But now what are we talking about that seems to be the most important attributes necessary – gender, religion, wealth, appearance, sex appeal, a city or a country person, Northerner or Southerner, and all of the other divisions that politicians try to appeal to.

When picking a president one should consider defending the Constitution and the economy first, as everything else is a subdivision of these two. Defending our country is only possible if we have the money to support our military. We can only build and maintain our infrastructure if we have the money to pay for it. Sustainable social programs again depend on our ability to pay for them. A nation where all the able-bodied people are working is a strong and happy nation. And most of all we must be free of debt, as a nation in debt is a house of cards. These are the things every intelligent person must base their vote on, as everything else is only possible with freedom and money.

Yes, all elections are flawed, and when things work out it is only because of luck.

John Procida

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