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Cops Urge Crime Prevention To Lock Out Rego Park Bandit

By Liz Goff
Police at the 112th Precinct are urging Rego Park residents to work with officers at the Austin Street stationhouse to put a lock on a suspect responsible for at least five local burglaries in the last two months.

Cops said the suspect first struck on December 20, when he entered an apartment near 63rd Drive and Fitchett Street through an unlocked rear window. The man grabbed $60 cash, jewelry and electronic items before leaving through the front door, police said.

The same man entered three apartments on Saunders Street between December 31 and February 8 – each through unlocked fire escape windows, police said. 

The suspect entered the first apartment on December 31, where he made off with an undisclosed amount of jewelry, stole cash and a Wii U system from another apartment on January 16, and swiped jewelry, camera equipment and a computer from the third apartment on February 8, police said.

The suspect also entered a Queens Boulevard residence on January 28, where he stole an empty purse, police said.

Police officials at the 112th Precinct are urging area residents to stay alert to their surroundings, and call 911 immediately if they see suspicious activity or suspicious individuals in or around their neighborhood or residence. “We are asking people to work together with us to put an end to these burglaries. If you see something, say something,” officials said.

“First and most important, people must remember to lock all doors and windows, even if they are only leaving home for only a few minutes,” police officials said. “Do not enable the suspect or suspect by giving him an opening into your residence.”

Police at the 112th Precinct are engaged in a public crime prevention campaign, posting and handing out warnings to alert the public of the break-in spree, and tips on how to avoid being victimized by the suspect.

Police are urging the public to follow these tips to help put a lock on thieves and bandits who burglarize local residences:

  • Install dead bolt locks on all doors at your residence
  • Install locks on all windows- especially those on fire escapes. Keep all windows locked at all times, especially overnight.
  • Invest in a video surveillance system. You can purchase a video camera or multiple cameras at low cost – and the investment is an invaluable tool for securing your home and property
  • Contact the Crime Prevention Office at the 112th Precinct to register electronics, jewelry and other valuables in the NYPD “Operation ID” program where police etch a number on your personal property using a dye that is only visible through a process used by the NYPD. The number is used to positively identify your property when it is recovered.
  • If you see something, say something. Those people moving electronic devices from a neighbor’s home might be legitimate – or they could be thieves who broke into the residence to relieve your neighbor of his or her property. Don’t sit back and wait to ask your neighbor if the “movers” were legitimate. Call 911 and ask the police to intervene.

“Do not take chances with your safety or the safety of others,” police said. “Remember, the police are your best, first-line protection, so do not hesitate to call us for help.”

Officials at the 112th Precinct t are also urging area residents to call the precinct Crime Prevention officer at 718-520-9319 to take advantage of numerous crime prevention programs offered free of charge by the NYPD. .

The suspect is described as a 45-year-old male, 170 pounds and six-feet-tall. He was captured on video surveillance during several of the brglaries wearing waist-length green coat with epaulettes and a green knit cap.

Anyone with information is urged to call the CrimeStoppers HOTLINE at 1-800-577-TIPS or click on www.nypdcrimestoppers.com.


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