2016-02-24 / Editorials

Ready To Take The Leap?

This year has 366 days, thanks to its being a Leap Year. It is almost like that extra hour in the day we get each year in the fall, when Daylight Savings time ends and we greet the dark with the consolation of an extra hour to do with as we wish, awake or asleep. Or love enough for Eight Days a Week from the Beatles – wowza!

What will you do with that extra day? It would be nice to help any friend or relative with the special birthday of February 29 to have a super birthday celebration, since it is so rare. We can imagine a new tradition of restaurants and caterers offering Quarter-Age Birthday Specials just for our extra-youthful Pisces pals. February 29 is truly the most special and sought-after of birthdates, especially as we get on in years – imagine getting to be only 20 after 80 years of living!

Happy February 29 and Happy Leap Year. May everyone enjoy this special day.

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