2016-02-17 / Editorials

A More Desirable Streetcar

We think Mayor de Blasio’s proposal for a waterfront streetcar from Astoria to Brooklyn is a great idea. There are few options for us to visit our closest neighbors, and them us. However, the Brooklyn Queens Connector could be made into an excellent idea. The trolley digs deep into Brooklyn, but barely scratches the surface of Queens. It goes from Astoria, Queens, 17 miles down to Sunset Park, Brooklyn. We have nothing against Brooklyn and we like our neighbors very much – we are rather attached to them. But we Love Queens, and want what is best for our beautiful, though somewhat inaccessible borough. Most everyone will agree there is much room for improvement when it comes to mass transportation options for many of our neighborhoods. And we agree with former New York City Traffic Commissioner “Gridlock Sam” Schwartz who said he was “thrilled” about the mayor’s plan when he guested on John Catsimatidis’ radio show, “Cats Roundtable” on AM 970. It would be good for Queens – so good, that we want even more of it. It would reap benefits of increased circulation in, out and through the borough, for our people who live here and need transportation alternatives to get to work, visit and shop; and also for visitors to come in and take advantage of the amazing sights, values and activities we offer here. We would like to see the light rail extend at least into Flushing. It can continue as a scenic waterfront route, continuing along the East River, curving around toward the Flushing Bay and making a popular stop at LaGuardia Airport on its way to Flushing, if not further. It can perhaps travel parallel to a stretch of the Grand Central Parkway. This is something to seriously consider. We have been casting about for solutions to our traffic congestion situation, and believe this would help greatly, without killing the budget.

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