2016-02-10 / Front Page

‘Woodside Avenger’ Takes Aim At Graffiti

Photos Courtesy John S. ColganPhotos Courtesy John S. ColganRude graffiti was sprayed on the giant US flag mural at 56th Street and 32nd Avenue in Woodside. The act of vandalism occured on Wednesday, February 3, approximately 11 pm. John S. Colgan, who you may remember was profiled in the Gazette about a year ago, for his completely voluntary work restoring fire alarm call boxes in Western Queens, including Woodside, Astoria, Long Island City, Corona, and parts of Jackson Heights. He also restores lampposts and hydrants. The very next day after the flag was tagged, Colgan got right on the case, cleaning off what he could, and painting the rest. He said, “I’m removing this tag in a few hours. It breaks my heart to see our flag like this.” The defacement coincidentally occured within a block of the beautifully restored 1931 FDNY pedestal alarm box pictured in the Gazette last year.

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