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Muse Comes To Barclays Center

By Tyler Klune

PHOTOS TYLER KLUNEPHOTOS TYLER KLUNE On January 27, 2016 Muse performed at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. Muse is known for their alternative rock songs of the 2000’s such as “Our Time is Running Out” and “Supermassive Black Hole.”

The band consists of British trio Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme, and Dominic Howard. The concert was part of their Drones tour for their seventh album, titles Drones. The band performed all of their hits and most of the new album, much to the delight of their fans.

Walking through the halls of the Barclays Center On a cool Brooklyn night, it was apparent the masses had gathered this evening for a unique exhibit.  It was noticeable through the energy which had settled among the showgoers in the lobby of the stadium. More than a source of excitement, it was a show of respect to the power of the occasion, as people prepared for the Muse musical showing.

The Barclays’ lobby was more comparable to a lobby in a church before the ceremony of praise toward a given deity had commenced than it was like a lobby at a rock concert.

I had a flashback of 2 hours prior, waiting for the mailman to arrive with my ticket just before this event was to take place due to lagging mail times on account of all of the recent New York snow. I thanked the powers that be I encountered the UPS man at the last minute as my ticket arrived from due to the favorable bidding of Warner Music Group. I was thankful things fell into place ultimately as I could tell through the demeanor of the crowd in the lobby that I was here to witness and write about something exceptionally special.

When Matt began singing, it irked visualizations, the likes of which are indicative of the emotions which the band was evoking from the audience.  

It was similar to an falcon soaring,…through the sky in the desert.   A feeling of weightlessness surged of the crowd and everyone began to feel a sensation of soaring similar to the bird in the desolate desert landscape.

Their presence was quite confident and it was complimented by the stage lighting and photographic visuals which displayed on the scoreboard in the stadium.

Psycho is the first song in their set of the night.

spaceships,./---------- balls,.---------        the room was aligned with balls that are similar to how the inside of a spaceship would be decorated or depicted. It was similar to the vibe of star wars, as the balls appeared to be device receptacles that would facilitate the likes of storm troopers in this spaceship style of atmospheric surrounding.  The audience appeared to be taken around the world and back on the at light speed when the song, Dead Inside began to play.

As Bellamy started singing Interlude, their 3rd song,  the vocal splendor poured out of his mouth ----------------   like golden,........----molten- liquid,,........      that starts flowing,.........------ and sputtering about in the room and the audience could feel the heat of this substance as pleasantly engulfed the room.   At this point, during their 4th song, Hysteria, it was as though space craft the audience was in had become an airplane made to simulate zero gravity      for the passengers. These airplanes also frequently fly up and down in order to develop the sensation of a lack of a zero gravity effect.

The light projection visuals were projected on to sheaths hanging from the ceiling , made from a translucent material, almost like a bug net.    During, Map of the Problematique, their 5th track of the night, there were dynamic visuals of statues and metallic objects as well as the band themselves exemplified and blown up to get the effect of the band being much larger than their actual real life size.   ,..    .

During The 2nd Law: Isolated System, their 6th song, it started getting much more intense and as though the audience had moved from inside the cabin of the zero gravity airplane, to inside the turbine of the plane, starring at head on with all of the extreme force from the engine turbine blasting energy toward the audience like an epic wind tunnel.

As the set turned toward their 7th song, The Handler, All of the senses are being tested as the intensity of the music was presenting the audience with so much musical stimulation, there is no choice but to acknowledge all of the synapses firing in the brain because it is possible to feel all the cells within the human body during this time in the performance. Every strand of hair was standing on end by this time and the human body is vibrated down to the each cellular organism during this time in the show.   

Heavy visuals started to kick in during around their 8th song of the night, Resistance, and it allows the audience to then travel with the band to new places with the band.  The visuals on the scoreboard screens as well as the projected images on the translucent backdrops were illustrating a sort of an experience similar to converting the audience into electricity, and as electricity, the audience merges with computer chips and electronics as it surges power into them and creates the spark that causes a computer to function, and electronic circuit boards to function.

The type of visuals that were displayed during the their 9th track, Supermassive Black Hole, were great in that the audience quite felt as though they had become a part of a child’s story book, one in which wild things are out in the jungle of space, and the audience is in an abyss of unknowns and oddities within the jungle of outter space with the band.

into a story book,...---- like where the wild things are type of graphics,...-----

At a point during, Prelude the 10th track, the lights faded to blue which caused a stirring of emotions since the music was so high energy beforehand. The mood became enhanced by a blue stage light which created a peaceful atmosphere. It was as though the audience was dropped into a glass of water which is filled with blueberries, and everyone must continue swimming through the water to carry on the musical journey implemented by the band.

By the 11th track, Starlight, the audience had been amped up through the increasing energy from the band. It was comparable to someone who works out, dropping a raw egg into the glass of blueberries, and drinking it all in one gulp. The audience then shot down the esophagus in a rush sensation, and we encounter the heavy workout that is to follow from the body we are traveling in. The workout is intense and rigorous and complimentary of course to the ambience of the highly intense show that was taking place.

During Apocalypse Please, their 12 track, our world as we know it and galaxy implodes,.------------- and the planet surrounding the character the audience is inside of, is sucked into it as the whole world is taken for a spin into a dimension of the super natural where up is down and down is up, no matter exists, and rules of physics don’t apply.    

We are surfing the earth as our whole planet is being taken for a spin through space and we are on an everlasting comet ride through time and space.    

By the 13th jam, Munich Jam, the strobe light reals the audience back into a more farmilar space through the use of a strobe light.

Through the strobe light, the audience encounters hypnotization. The heavy visuals then cause a Twighlight Zone  type of feeling further confirming, the audience has been transported to an other worldly abyss, where colors, light and refraction, all bleed together to make one sequence of light that is mesmerizing to those who view it. The audience is entranced by this time to power of this music.

For the 14th song, Madness, we witness Bellamy calm the storm of sensations, and rebirth the audience into a new life force. He takes the used the instruments to make the audience feel at home after being birthed from and new in the world, and looking at life from a fresh perspective, like a baby in a home for the first time, coming from the hospital.

In the 15th track,  Undisclosed Desires , the audience is taken for another journey starting on a car ride as a new born child. The metaphorical car begins to accelerate rapidly and suddenly we are full speed again being driven by the music in this instance.

On track 16, Reapers, We arrive in the car in a field completely isolated and surrounded by what appears to be nothing except grain and straw for miles in all directions.  All of the sudden, the band has the magic wand and they create a landscape filled with music.  The band begins to perform magic by filling the field with music, and musical instruments as well as people and all kinds of energy making a once empty space, filled with music, instruments, and good sound. It appears like magic through the wands of the magic instruments the band hold on stage.

By track 17, Time is Running Out, after the band made a new landscape of their lovely instruments, their create a whole new world from their instruments as their energy is unparalleled and sends the rest of life spinning around it. An Ice age breaks out from the intense energy of the music the band is putting out, and it is as though the band developed the feeling as though the audience exists through the intense visuals and music, that they are witness an ice age take place, caused by the music.

During song 18, Uprising, The crust in the ground, Winds are shifting and the energy is collapsing from the music, so the energy goes inward into the crust of the earth….       Volcanoes begin spurt from all parts of the world and the audience rode the sensation through lights, visuals, and music to open the new world and revamped lava landscape.

For song 19, The Globalist, the audience found themselves inside of an oven. The audience is pulled out of the oven and served as cupcakes. All sorts of candy and every kind of sweet is packed on top of the cupcake. The cupcake becomes a new form of a product as the sweetest thing ever made.

For song 20, Mercy, there are commercials made and this new product is sold commercially and on tv all across the land.

For song 21, Knights of Sedonia, The audience ends up in every home in America as an amazing new product, and everyone in the world is happy now that this show has happened.


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