2016-02-10 / Features

A Streetcar Named Astoria

Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced his endorsement of a $2.5 billion project, which will bring a trolley to Astoria along the Brooklyn and Queens East River waterfront.

State Senator Michael Gianaris at a recent political roundtable gave his support to the project, saying that a link between Brooklyn and Queens will be a welcomed addition in the face of lacking transportation options for the growing communities.

The concept took off after a proposal was drafted by a group of real estate and community leaders from the non-profit group called the Brooklyn-Queens Connector.

The plans thus far project that the streetcar will carry passengers along the 16-mile stretch of waterfront land from Sunset Park to Astoria. The price would be equal to the subway fare. The project will be funded from the tax revenue from the higher property values situated along the corridor through which the trolley right of way will follow.

“This is about equity and innovation,” de Blasio said in a recent statement. He said the trolley project will “knit neighborhoods together and open up real opportunities for our people.”—Jason D. Antos

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