2016-02-10 / Editorials

Happy Valentine’s And Presidents Days!

Many of us have gone through various stages of caring about Valentine’s Day, from ardent wishes and expressions of romantic crushes in our school days to a bitter rejection of the day as meaningless, and then hopefully back again, to somewhere in between, perhaps a more mellow embrace of the true love we feel. The eternal love for our children and parents, our best friends, our spouses or even our siblings (though for them it may be more about arrows than hearts)! It is never a misstep to show them that you care. Love tokens, such as candy, flowers, wine, jewelry, or other goodies will never be scoffed at – not to mention a fine or fun meal at one of the millions of choices in our exciting borough. There are also various concerts, shows, dances, cultural events at our museums and colleges, and the grandeur of nature or just plain outdoorsy fun to be had in our magnificent parks. Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, we can celebrate all day long. Weatherwise, we are not out of the woods yet, but the Groundhog (to bring up yet another holiday) has pronounced an early spring, so we are hoping to be able to use our snazzier shoes and not sloshy galoshes. However you choose to celebrate, we bid you make it joyous, and we hope you take full advantage of the offerings around every corner in our fair Queens.

Speaking of stages of caring – we used to individually celebrate the February birthdays of Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, who each rescued the country from major threats to its existence – during the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, respectively. Beyond them, we have had several other heroic presidents.

But now we have grouped them and all our other presidents together into one big, generic Presidents Day – plural. The office is potentially no less crucial than in the days of Lincoln and Washington or the Roosevelts, but that is one thing that varies through the ages. If we are not undergoing any crises, we should be thankful, but the president in office will shine less in the spotlight of history. However, it is never an easy job, as graphically illustrated by the before and after pictures we have seen of many presidents after only four years in office.

This is a Presidential Election year, and the office is very much on our minds, with the primaries having just begun. We ask everyone to take the decision seriously. Listen carefully to what each candidate has to say, but perhaps more telling is each candidate’s history of actions – what have they actually done legislatively, or otherwise, to benefit others – and make a strong, well-considered choice as to who will best serve our country as a whole, and may the best person win!

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