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To The Editor:
We are still digging out from one of the largest snowfalls in the city’s history, but one step at a time, we are getting back to normal. I believe the Administration’s response after the blizzard was insufficient in our district and in our Borough. Jackson Heights, for example, was blanketed with 34 inches of snow, and most of the streets were impassable on Monday. The scenario was very similar in other parts of the district, especially in East Elmhurst and Corona.
I expressed my disappointment with Mayor Bill de Blasio and his Administration because we were clearly left behind. Their response to street plowing in Queens, the biggest borough, was poor. Once again, we got the short end of the stick. I hope we learn from this experience and build upon the mistakes that were made in order to be better prepared for future storms.
I want to personally thank all the Sanitation, Fire, Police and all other workers who tried to keep our streets clean and safe under very difficult conditions.
Please, sign up for my Senate webpage to let me know where you stand on legislation and follow the bills that matter to you. You will also be able to sign petitions. Follow this link www.nysenate.gov/senator/jose-peralta and click on the Message Senator icon to contact me.
If you have any questions or need help, please stop by my office or to call us at 718-205-3881.
Jose Peralta
New York State Senate
District 13

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