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City Puts The Brakes On Traffic Violation Scofflaws

By Liz Goff
Officials at the city Department of Finance (DOF) are warning motorists that it doesn’t pay to ignore traffic tickets.

Officials are cracking down on motorists who fail to pay fines by adding tickets issued for running red lights to parking violations, without notifying the registered owner of a vehicle. Under the existing policy, a city marshal will tow vehicles registered to motorists who rack up fines exceeding $350.

Under the city’s old policy, traffic tickets were recorded in a DOF database and red light violations were stored in a city Department of Transportation (DOT) database, a Department of Finance spokesperson said.

All that changed when the two databases were combined, giving DOF the right to charge interest on the red light violations, the spokesperson said.

“Under the new policy, motorists who exceed the scofflaw threshold established by the city will walk out some morning to find that their vehicle is gone.”

Motorists are advised to call 311 or their local precinct to determine if their vehicle has been towed, or if it was stolen, authorities said.

“No one should just take it for granted that the city has towed their vehicle,” authorities said. “Take the time to verify that your vehicle was towed. If it does not appear on any list supplied by the city marshal, motorists must report the vehicle stolen in order to collect from their insurance company.”


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