2016-02-03 / Editorials

Super Bowl 50

This year Super Bowl 50 pits the Carolina Panthers vs. the Denver Broncos, on Sunday, February 7. The mega-event will be held in Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, California, and starts at 6:30 pm, to be broadcast live on CBS.

Not only is there the suspense of the game, there is the traditional entertaining Half Time show, this year featuring Coldplay and Beyonce, and a new tradition, the million-dollar commercial spots, guaranteed to be something special. Knowing all eyes will be on them, advertisers are paying dearly for the time, and want you to watch, and talk about it, and so they are pulling out all the stops and making every effort to be edgy, high-tech, and original.

LOTS of places have multiple giant screens and party food deals galore. We know the entire city is planning their weekend around the Super Bowl and are looking for the coolest spots to watch the game and cheer on either the Broncos or the Panthers. And Queens is certainly up to the challenge – with our fine eateries, bistros, bars, lounges, and clubs that are ready for all fans!

Or you can host your own party, with outstanding take-out choices of all kinds. As always, we wish our readers an enjoyable time, celebrating with family and friends, and we hope your favorite team wins!

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