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New Yorkers Expressed Their Solidarity With Epirotes

By Catherine Tsounis

Paul Kotrotsios (6th from left) honoring organizers of Epirus “Sergiani“ event.
Paul Kotrotsios (6th from left) honoring organizers of Epirus “Sergiani“ event. New Yorkers expressed their unity with Epirotes, Saturday evening, January 16th during Martin Luther King national holiday weekend. The dinner dance was held at Kefalos Cephalonian Society, at 2043 Steinway St, Long Island City, NY. The Hellenic News of America/Paul Kotrotsios generated the idea and mobilized the community to get involved. Without his efforts, passion, and vision, none of these events would have happened.  The society donated their hall. Local businesses contributed cuisine, flowers and supplies. Some of the supporting organizations include: Heritage Museum of Epirus: Federation of Hellenic-American Educators & Cultural Association, of America: Hellenic PAIDEA of America; Ionian Politistiki; Odysseus; Kefalos and other organizations.

Hellenic News Publisher of America/Hermes Expo International  President Kotrotsios said Dancers.
Dancers. “Our goal is to raise $50,000 that will be distributed to the following organizations: The Orphanage and Elderly House in Konitsa, the Orphanage «Kivotos» in Pogonianni, the Iera Moni Sosinou in Parakalamos, the Cultural Society Demos Pogoniou and the Orphanage of Deropolis in Northern Epirus.” Epirus is a coastal region of northwestern Greece and southern Albania. The Pindus Mountains separate Epirus from the Greek regions of Macedonia and Thessaly to the east. The principal town in Greek Epirus is Ioannina.

Savas Siatras with George Rabos orchestra.
Savas Siatras with George Rabos orchestra. “Our heart beats Greek, Epirotiki and Northern Epirotiki”, said legendary singer Savas Siatras. “We come from Ioannina. In your faces and eyes we read Greece and the horio (village). You are the Greeks of the Overseas, the true Greeks”. Mr. Siatras went with the George Rabos orchestra from table to table, serenading and greeting every person present. His genuineness, enthusiasm and patriotism inspired all to dance. His face shows the pain and loss of a man who loves his country. Three hundred persons filled the hall. I have never seen any singer with a band go into the audience and sing to absolutely every person present. He has a political person that appeals to the average person who is an independent.
Who is Savas Siatras? I never heard of him, as a third generation Greek-American from the North-East Aegean Islands, until Mr. Kotrotsios called me from Pennsylvania. My adopted nephew, Billy Litos, said “Savas Siatras is a great Hellene. He went to Epirus, Albania when Hoxha was in control. When asked what was his purpose for coming to Albania. He replied, ‘to marry a Northern Epirotisa.’ When the Albanian borders opened to Greece, he married a person from Greek Epirus. My brother, Athanasios, dug a tunnel with a friend from Greek Epirus to escape. When they reached Greece in the tunnel, Savas Siatras met them there. He is a benefactor who has given his life for the oppressed Greeks of Epirus in Albania.” Mr. Paul Kotrotsios has introduced international figures, such as Vasilios Bolanos and three times Gold Olympic medalist Pyros Dimas, to middle class Greek-Americans at Hermes Expo International.

When I entered Kefalos Society hall, I encountered two dynamic, elegant persons, Mrs. President of the Hellenic PAIDEA of America: Dr. John Siolas (standing) with  officer Ms. Adriana Filiotis; Deme Savopoulos (sitting left to right) and President Vasiliki Filiotis.
President of the Hellenic PAIDEA of America: Dr. John Siolas (standing) with officer Ms. Adriana Filiotis; Deme Savopoulos (sitting left to right) and President Vasiliki Filiotis. Chrisoula Zikopoulos and Mrs. Eva Kantlis. Their organization expertise and public relation was instrumental in making the event a success. Mrs. Chrisoula Zicopoulos, Director of the Heritage Museum of Epirus in Astoria, New York, explained “our Epirotiki evening is a philanthropic effort benefit Epirus’ old age homes and orphanages. Epirotes are known as the ‘Benefactors of the Nation’. From our town of Kornitsis, we have a ‘Benefactor’ known as Vasilios Exarhos. The ‘Exarchia’ is a neighborhood in Athens named after him. He left his wealth to our village.”

Ms. Vasiliki Filiotis, President of the Hellenic PAIDEA of America and officer Ms. Adriana Filled Hall.Filled Hall.Filiotis believe “as Greeks we are here to make this philanthropic purpose a success. Our Organization worked to publicize ‘Sergiani Night’ throughout the metropolitan area. Our members are enthusiastic to aid the orphanages and old age homes of Epirus, Greece and Northern Epirus. These institutions are suffering. Many may close, putting young and old out in the streets. We help as Hellenes and Educators to fill the Kefalos society hall tonight.”
Ms. Deme Savopoulos, President of the Hellenic American Educators Association/United Federation of Teachers (HAEA), expressed that “she was honored to be here for such a worthwhile philanthropic cause. Children are our future. We are here to help them survive and flourish. We are holding our Annual Celebration of Greek Letters Day on Friday evening, January 22nd, 2016 at the Holy Trinity Cathedral Library, 337 East 74th St., N.Y.  Hellenic PAIDEA of America is supporting our event. We welcome all to come and enjoy their favorite poem in ‘Poetry Reading.’”

Mary Vasilakou, Educator and Benefactor of the Hellenic Relief fund, Cosmos FM and Prometheus Greek Teachers Association declared she is “from Laconia, Peloponnese. I am present to support the Pan-Hellenic cause of helping Epirus. The Greeks Overseas must aid Greece in their economic crisis.” Mr. George Alexiou, Honorary President of the Greek Homeowners Association, 1st vice-president of Athens Square and a member of Community Board #1,  said "we are assisting in raising funds to aid Greek institutions continue their operation.”

The Hellenic News of America in Cooperation with the Mid Atlantic Greek America Foundation created 3 unforgettable events in Philadelphia, NY and Baltimore. Epirotes and their friends, attended dinner-dances Friday through Sunday, January 15th to 17th, in Philadelphia, New York, and Baltimore. Without Hellenic News of America/Paul Kotrotsios  efforts, passion, and vision, none of these events would have happened.   “We put center stage Epirotes and their friends,” explained Mr.  Paul Kotrotsios, Publisher of the Hellenic News of America/Hermes Expo International. “We are having fun and helping a good cause, the Orphans and Elders in Epirus-Greece. Many thanks to George Rabos and Orchestra, Savas Siatras, Stavros Theodorou, Christos Natsis, George Bezanis, Thomas, and Kostas Siatras.”

Mr. Kotrotsios said “the Heads of the Organizing Committee include:  Chrisoula Zikopoulos, George Lolis, Angeliki Kolla Alissandratos, Nicholas Bardis, Thymios Papademitris, Vasiliki and Adriana Filiotis in New York; Jennie Kravaris, Zach Fessaras, Professor Lambris and Spiros Ntontos and Chris Papadopoulos in Philadelphia; Pitsa Balomas, Georgia Vavas, Aris Melissaratos, Stathis Dosis, Xenos Kohilas, Peter Tassis, Dimitris Hios, Alex Karras and George Moniodis in Baltimore. Special thanks are expressed to all donors and sponsors for their cooperation, including Stellar Imports, InterGlobe Printers, and Ikaros Restaurant, Kefalos Society, Concordville Inn where the events took place for their service and dedication.”

George Kitsios, President of the Greek Homeowners Association, stated “this is a social occasion that will create history. The Diaspora Greeks are two times Greek. They respect their traditions and attend all community events relating to our Homeland. Our Nostos (nostalgia) is a daily obligation. We follow all Greek news. The Hellenic sounds and scent of our Homeland creates a genuine sentiment. Our treasured icons, that come from our country conjures tears to our eyes. Our people are a great nation with abundant sensitivity and unique citizenship. May God Bless us always.” The 2015-16 refugee crises has overburdened the Greek people, impoverished, betrayed by their government and threatened with ethnic annihilation by the uncontrollable refugee immigration. Every nationality’s heart beats Greek because of their unique contribution as “Builders of Civilization.”
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