2016-01-27 / Features

Snow Socks It To Queens

A total of 34 inches of snow fell in Jackson Heights during the second largest blizzard in New York City’s history. According to the National Weather Service the borough received record snowfall counts across the county. Various parts of Queens recorded various numbers of snowfall, with JFK Airport receiving 30.5 inches, LaGuardia Airport with 27.9 inches, Sunnyside got 20 inches, Fresh Meadows with 26.5 inches and Little Neck got 24 inches. Alternate side parking rules have been suspended until February 1.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has come under fire for the handling of the snow situation in Queens with many residents still trying to dig their way out almost a week later. Some 910 plows were at work in Queens, after Sanitation shifted resources from other boroughs. Many residents and community leaders were upset at the lack of cleanup, which has caused massive traffic delays and has made maneuvering throughout Queens very difficult for vehicles and by foot.

United Community Civic Association President Rose Marie Poveromo commented on the situation: “The LaGuardia Airport area of Western Queens was not the only forgotten area, but all of Queens County was forgotten after we were slammed by more than two feet of snow. De Blasio’s lack of attention to Queens is very reminiscent of the Mayor Lindsay snowstorm, where we were buried for days. De Blasio has forgotten Queens when it comes to a snowstorm of epic proportions, but not when it comes to the placement of homeless shelters, an abuse of power by the de Blasio administration, which is more Manhattan-centric. However, we applaud the men and women of the Department of Sanitation who, with limited resources, did a yeo- man’s job.”

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