2016-01-20 / Front Page

Text & Drive…And Lose Your License

Police officials are reminding motorists that it is not smart to use wireless devices to text messages while driving.

State and city police officers are ramping up enforcement of new, stricter penalties on motorists who text while behind the wheel.

Cops are putting the brakes on new and experienced drivers who can’t stop sending and/or receiving text messages while driving, authorities said.

Newly-licensed drivers convicted of texting while driving will have their license suspended for 120 days on a first offense and revoked for one year if the driver is found guilty of a subsequent violation within six-months after the license is returned.

All drivers now face a maximum $200 fine for a first time offense and a $250 fine for a second offense within six-months.

Motorists also face a $450 fine for a third or subsequent offense, authorities said.

–Liz Goff

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