2016-01-20 / Editorials

Mount Sinai Queens Expands Horizons

We salute the medical industry, specifically Mount Sinai Queens in Astoria, where they are completing a brand-new, state-of-the-art expansion and modernization project due to open shortly. They have incorporated cutting-edge technology and design, while keeping the best of the old – just like the rest of the neighborhood keeps what works and what we cherish, while staying current and developing, rather than stagnating. The word original comes to mind, as it means foundational, but also creative and new. This latest development not only improves the physical health of the community, but the economic health, bringing 160 staff jobs into the expanded services, which cost approximately $125 million to build.

Browsing through our archives, we see a vast difference in the past nine years, when we see comments like “woefully underserved,” to now, when medical practices are blossoming and new centers are sprouting up to serve the community.

We are living longer than ever in recorded history. Much is due to more healthful habits, more sanitary and safe living and working conditions, better diets, and a variety of other reasons, not the least of which are more advanced and widespread medical treatment, screening and preventive services. We have even seen several scourges from only a century ago reduced to a fading memory, thanks to vaccines and healthful practices. Living longer requires a bit more care as we get older, and our health services are a crucial link in that chain. Our hospitals can be thanked for the greater length and improved quality of life, providing treatment of course, but also offering cutting edge and high-tech diagnostics, preventive care, community events, programs, and classes to help keep the populace healthy.

Hospitals also play a vital role in containing the potential spread of virulent outbreaks, as demonstrated a year ago with the Ebola scare.

Not only do we salute the medical community, but elected officials who have been striving to make health care more accessible, in addition to recent efforts to fill the need for more doctors by increasing opportunities for new medical school graduates to get residencies in order to obtain licensing.

Newness is occurring all around this happening area and borough, where we have the world’s best doctors and new medical centers opening and expanding. This is what Queens is all about – much like the adage about friends – keeping the best of the old while always expanding our horizons with new ones.

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