2016-01-13 / Front Page

Homeless Booted From LaGuardia Airport

By Liz Goff
Port Authority (PA) officials are chasing the homeless from LaGuardia Airport overnight, by enforcing strict closing times, installing window-ledge guards and traffic cones along walls at the Queens airport.

PA officials said workers are using “everything possible” to remove vagrants that give the airport a black eye.”

The enforcement started on January 2, when Port Authority police chased everyone without a plane ticket or a a job after 11 p.m. each night. The vagrants are not allowed back until 5 a.m., officials said.

Vagrants who manage to slip past the enforcement have to deal with rough metal posts that have been installed on window ledges, making it difficult, if not impossible to sleep there, officials said.

Port Authority workers have also lined walls with “hundreds” of large, bright orange cones to prevent vagrants from sleeping on the floors, PA officials said.

Officials say the enforcement has reduced the LaGuardia homeless population by 80 per cent.

Officials and workers said the enforcement became necessary after the vagrants took over airport terminals and restrooms. “They were sleeping all over the place, setting up camp along the walls and using sinks in the restrooms as their private showers and toilets,” a worker said. “They made the airport a very, very terrible place for travelers and workers, and they were bad for the businesses located here.”

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