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NYPD Reminder: Zero Tolerance For New Year’s Drivers

Police officials are reminding partygoers and party givers of stepped up enforcement designed to snare drunk drivers, drivers who use electronic devices and those who fail to buckle up before they get behind the wheel over this New Years holiday weekend.

Police officials said additional cops will patrol local streets and DWI checkpoints will be established throughout the area to enforce “zero tolerance” for drunk drivers and motorists caught violating a variety of other driving offenses. 

Police officials are also reminding holiday party givers that they are responsible for keeping guests safe and sound by insisting on designated drivers, and making non-alcoholic drinks available to those who plan to drive.

Hosts can also help curb alcohol consumption at holiday parties by serving more food than drink, said a spokesperson for the AAA Traffic Safety Foundation.

  • Don’t put out drinks first, and food later
  • After serving first drinks, let guests determine when they want a refill. Don’t force additional drinks or spend the evening refreshing drinks in guests’ hands.
  • NEVER offer “one for the road” to guests without a designated driver.
  • Offer guests coffee at least an hour or more before they plan to leave the party. Remember, coffee is not a cure for overindulgence. But while drinking coffee, guests are not consuming more alcohol.

If a guest does drink too much, hosts must make sure someone who has not been drinking drives them home. Hosts might also call a taxi to take them home, police said. If a guest appears too drunk to make it home by taxi, find a way to get them home safely or offer them a place to spend the night, police said.

Drunken and “buzzed” drivers will be arrested and put through the system, police officials said. Motorists caught using electronic devices while driving will be issued a summons for the offense.

The NYPD enforcement is part of Mayor Bill deBlasoio’s “Vision Zero” plan to eliminate traffic fatalities.





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