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Cops Close Show Palace; Probe Reveals Drug Sales

By Liz Goff
A controversial Long Island City nude club was shut down on December 18, after investigators discovered employees were serving more than juice to patrons, authorities said.

The club was shuttered after a series of investigations by officers at the NYPD Narcotics Bureau revealed that waitresses were selling drugs, including cocaine, to customers, police said.

Owners of the Show Palace, formerly called Gypsy Rose, at 42-50 21st Street, were denied a state liquor license three times before they announced their decision to transform the jiggle joint into a nude bar, where patrons would have to quench their thirsts with a variety of fruit juices.

When local leaders, elected officials and business owners battled against a liquor license for Gypsy Rose in January 2012, the club owners vowed that they would open a strip joint at the location – alcohol or no alcohol.

The local voices reverberated with SLA officials and the agency rejected a third liquor license application.

Club owners made good on their threat a few months later, when they opened Show Palace as a “juice bar” featuring full nudity, bypassing a city law that says alcohol and full nudity don’t mix.

Elected officials and community leaders blasted the nude club, charging it would damage Long Island City’s restored image as a family neighborhood.

“Motorists stop at a red light and stare at the all-nude sign outside the club,” City Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer said. “That’s not the welcome mat we want for our neighborhood.

“We are proud to call this area the gateway to Queens and it has changed for the better with more families moving in and calling the neighborhood home,” Van Bramer said.

The club owners fired back, touting the club on their website as an “upscale adult entertainment establishment,” and described the neighborhood as “desolate, dark and dingy,” saying the club would provide jobs and “nightlife in the area.”

Local business and community leaders are applauding the NYPD for its ongoing enforcement and investigations that led to the closure.

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