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Christmas Temps Hit A New High

By Liz Goff
Santa sweats his way over the baked Apple? Christmas Eve shoppers in shorts? Say it wasn’t so, Santa!

The calendar may have sad it was Christmas, but Old Man Winter had a surprise up his short sleeve for New Yorkers last weekend. Folks accustomed to bundling up against the Christmas chill found themselves running, skateboarding and last-minut3e shopping in shirtsleeves on December 24, when temperatures peaked at about 74-degrees – the warmest recorded Christmas Eve in New York City history.

Forecasters for AccuWeather predicted last week that the Big Apple could be in for a mild winter this year, like those experienced in 2001 and 2002.

Many local meteorologists are forecasting average daytime temperatures of 45-to-50-degrees this winter, well above normal temperatures.

Forecasters for the National Weather Service are predicting milder temperatures from January until March or April, when New Yorkers could see an early spring. The forecasters said a cooling trend could cause temperatures to dip along the west coast - and warmer weather should filter through from the South to the Northeast.

Families enjoying the un-seasonal holiday weather last weekend said they don’t put too much faith in the forecasts. “You have to get ready to shiver when the weatherman says it’s going to be a warm winter,” a Long Island City mom said. “I think these people really try to get it right, but you give up when they are wrong so often.”

An Astoria deg walker said she – and her pups - hope the temperatures remain mild, but she’s not counting on it. “I don’t go by what the forecasters say,” Lynne Baker, 26, said. “I check the thickness of my dogs’ coat. If it’s really thick, we have a really cold winter,” Baker said. “Maybe I should pass that on to some of the bozos who keep screwing up their forecasts.”

Baker said she’s not planning to put away her winter gear too soon. “I don’t intend to freeze just because someone says this will be a warm winter.”

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