2015-12-23 / Editorials

This Christmas May Not Be White, But That’s All Right

It is shaping up to be a warm Christmas, as far as anyone can prognosticate, and though it may not be white, that is all right! It will mean easier traveling, which a huge proportion of us do every year. We say save the snow for February. Next year is a leap year, so with the extra day, February 29, we can accommodate the snow. The extra day once every four years is enough. But for now, we will enjoy the Yuletide season regardless. As our friends in the more temperate zones know, the weather has very little to do with the season of giving.

While the kids are off from school, it will be prime time for bonding, even getting reacquainted with our teens. There is so much to do: ice skating, big-screen movies, local theater, reading for pleasure (something many of us make too little time for) – both aloud and to oneself. In fact Iceland has a national tradition of exchanging books at Christmas called Jolabokaflod, the “Christmas (or Yule) Book Flood” in English. So do not overlook a great opportunity for showing loved ones of all ages you are paying attention to their interests and pick up a book or two on their favorite subjects. In any case, perhaps one of those stories will inspire a homespun play. Remember those paperbag or sock puppets we used to make? What about a hobby you may have neglected for a while, pass it on to the kids, or start a new one. This is easily accomplished by looking up an instructional video online, or use one of your new Christmas books. Do not forget your pets! They will surely appreciate a couple of new toys, some of which you can even make yourself. But it is not only about things, playtime is something few of us make enough time for.

In any case, everyone is pulling out all the stops to brighten the season, literally with decorations, and figuratively with get-togethers, lighting ceremonies, shows and other events. It is a concrete way of looking on the bright side, and we highly recommend it. We like to think of Christmas as a whole season, and try to continue the merry-making as long as we can. We hope you will join us, and we wish a Holly Jolly Christmas to you all!

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