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Mayor Comments On Obama’s Terrorism Speech

Mayor Bill de Blasio released a statement on December 7 echoing President

Obama’s “common-sense” remarks on guns and terrorism.

“New Yorkers stand behind the President in his efforts to fight ISIL and protect this country from terrorism. Safeguarded by one of the top anti-terrorist units in the world, New Yorkers will not allow terrorists to win by succumbing to fear and hatred. New York City is a city of immigrants and many cultures, and we embrace the President’s call for respect for all our communities.

“We also embrace the President’s urging for new gun control laws that will help us prevent terrorists, whether domestic or foreign, from obtaining weapons. Common sense tells us to pass legislation that will make it illegal for individuals on the FBI Watch List to buy guns and will require online background checks for gun purchases as well.

“We also must stop the flow of both public pension funds and private US dollars into the hands of gun manufacturers who make and market the assault weapons used by terrorists, criminals and the mentally ill. If Congress won’t make them illegal, we should not invest into companies that help put these deadly machines into the hands of killers.”

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