2015-12-09 / Editorials

Enjoying The Season

The holiday season is now upon us, having completed the first wave, with Thanksgiving already celebrated. We hope it got off to a good start for you all. Even if not, it is not too late to appreciate – and make – something positive of the season as we look ahead and make our plans for the major Christmas celebrations.

We resolve to not let any apprehensions hamper our spirits, for then those who would destroy our way of life win. There have never ever, in the history of time, been any guarantees for anyone. We take the present moment and live it to the fullest, for it is all we have ever really had. We must carry on, being sensible and alert of course, but also seeking and creating the joy there is to be found in our daily lives, and in our traditional celebrations that bring loved ones together.

With the shorter days and longer nights, it is easy to fall into the winter doldrums, but with a little effort, we can drum up the holiday cheer. We can go for the gusto if we choose to do so – decorating, checking in and making plans with neglected friends, bringing some cake and coffee to lonely neighbors, participating in the many food and toy drives, thinking of the children in our lives and doing our part to create a world of love for them. For it is in giving that we are uplifted.

And we must keep our own spirits up. We should try to remember to take a moment to fill our lungs with that crisp, clean December breeze as we get in a brisk, invigorating walk, and get that much-needed deep rest that comes from the extra hours of darkness and coolness, awakening refreshed and energetic.

We will take in the special decorations and music filling the air as we check off each loved one on our “Good List,” anticipating the smiles we will bring to loved ones with our thoughtfulness. And we anticipate our own smiles as we stop in for specially crafted treats at caf├ęs and bakeries, or finally settle in for some nourishing and delicious holiday fare in the many diners, delicatessens, cantinas, brasseries, sushi bars, and trattorias nearby to fortify and reward us in our pursuits. We also plan to head out specifically to some festive concerts, shows and at least one visit with Santa himself.

We hope you all will enjoy the sparkling wonder of snow, the stunning sunsets, the scent of fireplaces, pine and chestnuts, tree-lighting ceremonies, singalongs, and general merry-making of friends and neighbors. We hope we can multiply some of that spirit as well!

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