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Letters to the Editor

The Lights Are Back!

The lights are beginning to shine on 23rd Avenue / Ditmars Blvd East and West of 31st Street.

These are the holiday lights marking the shopping season for Kwanzaa, Chanukah, and Christmas.

After a few years without them, many folks asked the Political Junkie (my nickname and blog) “why?”

We didn’t take too much time finding out. Instead, in June we encouraged George Alexiou and George Delis to begin the quest.

They jumped right in and began contacting the surrounding merchants for support.

Due to the efforts of these two powerhouses and the cooperation and support of banks, merchants, and restaurants in the area,


A special thanks, also, to Central Astoria Local Development Coalition for tirelessly administrating the project.

Look for the signs in the stores when you shop. And say “thanks” back to them. Frances Luhmann

Penn State Football

To The Editor:

In the recent Penn State-Michigan football game Penn State was first and goal to go on the Michigan end, and ran three running plays for no touchdown, and had to settle for a field goal. At the end of the third quarter Penn State was on the Michigan three yard line and ran three plays for no touchdown, and had to settle for a field goal. And in the fourth quarter, Penn State was inside the ten yard line and could not score a touchdown and had to settle for another field goal.

The Penn State offensive play calling is abysmal and this has to be attributable to the Penn State coaching staff, especially the offensive coordinator and possibly Coach Franklin. Too many times Penn State has thrown deep on low percentage plays or tried to run the ball in play after play. Whatever happened to the short pass game to the tight end? And why can’t receivers get open.

I don’t think it is odd that Christian Hackenberg, as a freshman quarterback, had a great year under Coach O’Brien. Coach O’Brien nurtured Hackenberg and took advantage of his capabilities with an NFL style offense.

If we are to become a top 10 team again, the Penn State game plans and play book need vast improvement, and Coach Franklin should stop congratulating players for mistakes.

For the glory. I am a graduate of Penn State, class of 1963.

Donald A. Moskowitz
Londonderry, NH

Do Good Deeds Daily

To The Editor:

I agree with Congressman Joe Crowley to have a child savings program which is important to teach children financial respponsiblity and begin a financial plan and future for them. We used to have banking through the Long Island City Saving Bank as children in the 1950s. That taught us how to save money and to have a bank book and bank account.

I also feel that Thanksgiving is not a turkey, not football games, not preparation for holiday shopping, but being grateful to God and to those who help others and to share with others. I am glad that Meals on Wheels and City Meals had volunteers deliver meals to homebound people. As a volunteer involved with the homebound reassurance program calling homebound people for almost 25 years for Catholic Charities, I know how important it is for these people to have a special meal and a friendly caring person deliver it to them on a holiday. I am so glad that a huge box containing so many different varieties of food was sent to Meals on Wheels elderly citizens by City Meals. That is indeed something to be grateful for. Now these people will have so many items to select to eat, thanks to donors who are generous.

I am glad to learn that the crime rate in the 114th Precinct Astoria has dropped by nine percent. That is good news. However every day I hear on the radio or read in one of the Astoria papers that there is some kind of crime. How can crime drop so radically if there is a crime a day at least? Perhaps statistics are altered to suit those who want to show that crime is down.

I also am sad about the fire on 35th Street in Astoria. Too many fires are happening. Especially as this is the case during the cold months and Christmastime when there are candles, tree decorations, and space heaters. More fire prevention flyers must be published and made available to the public. Fire kills and injures and destroys property.

That was awful about the seven-hour closing of the Grand Central Parkway, from 2 am to about 9 am, due to a fatal accident at the 31st Street overpass. What a shame. Drivers during this time of the year should watch themselves, not speed and obey the rules of the road in addition to avoiding drinking while driving. Life is so sacred.

I am proud of the two NYPD heroes, as well as honoring the firefighter who saved a baby in Corona. I am also glad that housing units will not be made into hotels or subletted, as well as sidewalks being repaired. I am glad that our borough president was honored as well. I am applauding the NYPD and FDNY for conducting that emergency drill and it is so necessary to have these simulation experiences to prepare if suddenly an emergency happens.

I am glad that the Queens Library will be open six days a week and also on Sundays in certain Sabbath observance areas in Queens.

We should continue to support our small businesses, pharmacies, bakeries, and restaurants in the neighborhood since they are necessities. Also CBS radio in NY will sponsor “do something good” on Tuesday. Yes it is wonderful to do this, but doing a good deed every day is what we should do, not only once a year.

Cynthia Groopman
Little Neck

Bikers Beware

To The Editor:

I am writing to alert bikers of the deadly danger upon approaching the Briarwood boondoggle of the Kew Gardens Interchange Project on Queens Boulevard, either going east towards the south side of the Interstate 678 (Van Wyck Expressway) with a forked “Dead Man’s Curve,” or going west along a narrow twolane road. Also, there are no bike lanes in either direction along Queens Blvd., and no sidewalk on the south side as well. The only safe strip from vehicular traffic is the pedestrian sidewalk on the north side, which would constitute a traffic violation for biking on the sidewalk. The effect of this present construction is essentially to ban all bicycles from access through Queens Blvd. from Main Street to Hoover Avenue. I suggest that the DOT post signs for two detour routes for bikers approaching from either western or eastern Queens Blvd. directions: “Briarwood Bikers Beware, Dead Man’s Curve Ahead.”

Joseph N. Manago

Christmas Is Taboo?

To The Editor:

The decision of the management of Roosevelt Field Mall to put up a minimal display for pictures with Santa Claus is outrageous! What is happening to the Christmas spirit? Now, it seems that saying Merry Christmas has become taboo also. The reason being given by mall management for downsizing the Santa display is so that it will not offend those who do not celebrate Christmas. Enough already! Christmas has been celebrated in this country since before its founding, and there is absolutely no logical reason to downplay the holiday’s significance. Those who do not celebrate Christmas have every right not to, but why should those that do celebrate it have to see much less decorative signs of the season? If this keeps up, maybe one day there will not be a Rockefeller Center Christmas tree – because its majestic and beautiful presence might offend those who do not celebrate Christmas. After that, maybe the Christmas Show at Radio City will be stopped because that may offend someone. This maligning of Christmas and what it stands for needs to stop right now! Other ethnic groups celebrate their holidays, and Christians are not at all offended by that. Boycott Roosevelt Field Mall and any other business establishments that plan to downsize

Every year, radio stations begin playing Christmas music by mid-November and continue playing it until Christmas Day, December 25. Then, the next day, December 26, there is no more holiday music. Why? The Christmas season lasts from late November until early January, culminating on January 6, the Feast of the Epiphany – the day the Magi came to worship baby Jesus in Bethlehem. Radio stations should continue to play Christmas music until January 6, not stop on December 26. The Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center will remain lit until January 3, and the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City will continue to play until January 3 also. Christmas music should continue also to be played on local radio stations at least through January 3, if not January 6. Stop being stingy!

Christmas. Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it, as well as Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy Chinese New Year and to those that celebrate the Muslim holidays!

John Amato
Fresh Meadows

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