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Queens Detectives Add Shine To The Apple

By Liz Goff
Two NYPD detectives assigned to the Queens District Attorney’s Squad are being hailed as heroes this week, after they stopped a crazed man with a knife from killing a Russian tourist in Los Angeles on November 18.

Detectives Dan Mulligan and Albert Ramos were in Los Angeles to extradite several defendants to face charges in a $32 million gambling ring busted by police in Queens, an NYPD spokesperson said.

The two Queens cops had stopped in to a Starbucks for takeout coffee on Wednesday when they heard a woman screaming, police said.

“The woman ran screaming past the detectives toward what appeared to be a dispute in progress,” police said. “Then she ran back past the detectives again, screaming and wailing at the top of her lungs.”

“Mulligan and Ramos turned toward the dispute and Detective Ramos realized one of the men had a weapon,” police said. “There’s a knife,” Ramos said. “I got it,” he said, as he pulled out his weapon.

Mulligan said he went to the left and Ramos went to the right, as the victim ran toward him. “Al yelled, ‘Get on the ground! Drop the knife!’ Mulligan said. The attacker stabbed the man several times in the neck and head before the Queens cops subdued him, police sources said. “It was all over in a few minutes, thanks to New York’s Finest, two of the ‘Greatest Detectives In The World.”

Mulligan and Ramos detained Donald Offerman, 54, until Los Angeles cops arrived at the scene. Offerman was charged with attempted murder and weapons possession and was held on $500,000 bail, police said.

The victim was taken to a nearby hospital where he underwent surgery to repair wounds he suffered in the attack. Authorities said the man is expected to survive.

A police spokesperson said it is unclear what sparked the stabbing outside a Hollywood Boulevard shopping mall.

One thing is very clear, a top-ranking NUPD official said. “Protecting the public and saving the lives of innocent victims are traits that New York City police officers take with them, wherever they go, To these detectives, this was merely another day on the job.”



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