2015-11-25 / Editorials

We Are Very Thankful

Tomorrow we will partake of a meal made with love, and enjoy good company with family and/or friends. We give thanks for the individuals and organizations that happily devote so much time to making life warmer for others, giving them something to be thankful for – the love shown to them. Many of us will spend the holiday doing nothing but working, even from the night before, in order to show compassion and love to our neighbors and loved ones, and that is indeed its own reward.

There is much beauty in this world, both natural, and created by people. We do not have to own very much to appreciate the arts, and nature. We are thankful for our home borough, as well, where we never have to venture far for our needs and wants. There is always something new and fun going on in every corner. We are also thankful for the many material comforts and needs that are provided for. For this we thank our families, neighbors, and all the creative, intrepid, hard-working souls who devote blood, sweat and tears providing services, goods, jobs, entertainment, protection, and necessities for the rest of us.

And as we give thanks, let us also extend a prayer for all who are struggling and also keep them in our hearts so we can act on their behalf as well. We can be thankful we live in a country that strives for rationality, fairness, generosity, civility, tolerance and the greater good. By being ever mindful of these ideals, hopefully we can transmit and proliferate them.

We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Day.

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