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Fire Officials Pull ‘Undead’ EMTs From 911 System

By Liz Goff
Two Jamaica Hospital Center EMTs who declared a Richmond Hill woman dead when she was still alive were removed from the 911 system on November 13.

Fire officials restricted patient access for EMTs Brittany Fragaia and Oren Silvers pending an investigation into their deadly diagnosis, a law enforcement source sad.

The ruling makes it impossible for the pair to work until the matter is resolved.

Sources said the two medics responded to a home on 115th Street near 105th Avenue just after 9 a.m. on November 12, where they found Diana Rodriguez, 22, lying in a pool of blood.

Sources said Rodriguez was on the phone with her boyfriend earlier that morning, despondent and crying and threatening to kill herself when she suddenly put a rifle to her head and pulled the trigger.

Fraggia and Silvers declared Rodriguez dead at the scene when they couldn’t find a pulse, and left the body with police at the 106th Precinct who had also responded to 911 calls for help, law enforcement sources said.

As the cops were preparing the apartment for investigators they heard “gurgling noises” coming from Rodriguez, the sources said. “One of the officers also heard a wheezing noise coming from the woman,” the sources said. “The cops realized the woman was still alive and called them back to the apartment.” 

Fraggia and Rodriguez returned to the scene at about 11 a.m., accompanied by a team of FDNY paramedics, FDNY EMTs and an FDNY field supervisor who rushed Rodriguez to Jamaica Hospital Center, a fire spokesperson said.

Rodriguez’ heartbroken family was at her bedside when she passed away at about 8 p.m. on Thursday night, fire officials said.

Relatives told investigators they want to know how the EMTs could have been so wrong, law enforcement sources said. “They said they are grateful to the police officers who realized Rodriguez was still alive. They are grateful for their quick response and for the efforts of FDNY crews that tried to save her life,” the sources said. “But they made it clear to investigators that they want to know how the EMTs made such a horrible mistake.”

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