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Dangerous, Drunk Drivers Beware!

By Liz Goff
NYPD officials last week ratcheted up enforcement on dangerous drivers who speed along city streets and intersections, fail to yield to pedestrians, talk or text on their iPhones and cell phones and drive buzzed or blitzed.

Police officials said the crackdown is in response to a spike in crashes that killed 11 people since November 1.

NYPD officials are sending 230 NYPD Highway officers, 154 NYPD patrol officers, 1,185 traffic enforcement agents and 150 Traffic Operations officers onto local streets as part of the initiative.

Plans for the crackdown have been “on a back burner” for several months, law enforcement sources said. “The recent increase in traffic fatalities and the change to standard time pushed the initiative to the front burner,” the sources said.

Statistics show 109 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes between January 1 and November 11, compared with 116 pedestrian deaths in the same time period last year.

The initiative is not part of the NYPD “Zero Tolerance” holiday crackdown that sends officers from local precincts, highway officers and NY State Highway officers into local communities to crack down on drunk and buzzed drivers and others who flaunt traffic safety laws.

The annual Zero Tolerance enforcement starts in early November and runs through January 1. 


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