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City On High Alert After Paris Attacks

By Liz Goff
The NYPD heightened the city’s terror alert following the terrorist attacks that killed 129 people and injured dozens more in Paris on November 14, sending extra uniformed officers to high profile locations, commercial strips and shopping malls.

NYPD officials said there is no specific, credible threat directed against New York City at this time, but they are carefully monitoring the situation with their state and federal counterparts to maintain a high level of security.

NYPD officials said the department’s intelligence operatives are working with Paris officials at the site of Friday’s tragic attacks to help develop strategies to handle the situation.

“They’re beefing up uniformed presence at shopping malls and commercial strips throughout Queens,” a law enforcement source said. “It is likely that this heightened state of alert will carry over through the holiday shopping season. We will likely also see more K-9 cops on local streets and rifle-toting, flack jacketed officers on subway stations, at tunnels and bridges, highways and at transportation hubs.”

Straphangers arriving at high trafficked subway stations said they were pleased to see officers screening bags at platform entrances. “Sure, it’s inconvenient, but what are our options?” a Manhattan bound woman said. “isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?”

Straphangers who refuse to go through the bag check can either leave the station or leave their bags at the checkpoint, law enforcement sources said.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said state law enforcement agencies are also on heightened alert. New York State police, the New York State Intelligence Center, the Division of Homeland Security and New York State Emergency Services are actively monitoring communications to determine credible terror threats to the region, Cuomo said. The agencies will continue to monitor the situation and pass along information to local law enforcement agencies, Cuomo said.

Police officials have deployed members of the Hercules Team, and the Strategic Response Group (SRG) to patrol high traffic and sensitive locations. The SRG officers take part in daily counter terrorism drills and patrol in armored vehicles equipped with “long guns,” law enforcement sources said. “They are the guys you see wearing helmets and heavy protective gear,” the sources said.

Officials at local precincts will be ramping up patrols outside restaurants, clubs and other venues that draw large crowds on nights and weekends, NYPD officials said.

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