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Martha’s Country Bakery

There’s always something delicious baking at Martha’s Country Bakery. With three locations in Queens and two locations soon to open in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, you’re never too far from the fabulous cakes, cupcakes, pastries, pies, muffins, macaroons, and coffee, coffee, coffee that have made Martha’s Country Bakery the place to be. The rustic, yet modern décor features wood beam ceilings and plank floors. Wood plank tables invite you to sit and stay awhile while you chat, read, or surf the net over delicious treats.

On a recent weeknight visit to the Ditmars Blvd. location, the tables were nearly all filled, including the adjacent atrium, with friends, families, and couples conversing over steaming hot cups of cappuccino, teas, chai lattes and nibbling on everything from freshly baked cookies and cupcakes to the creamiest cheesecake that puts that ‘other’ cheesecake to shame.

Baking is in George Stertsios’ blood since his father started baking in Manhattan in 1972. Papa Peter still shows up every morning to oversee the kitchen. George and his partner, Tony Zannikos take great pride in their baked goods and use real butter, vanilla, chocolate, and fresh fruit in their decadent creations. You can taste it in every delicious bite of their cakes, 18 varieties of cupcakes, pies, macaroons and puddings. Best of all, you can taste the high quality ingredients, and not just sugar like in industrial bakeries. If you feel like something savory, the spinach pie or ham and cheese pies are light and flaky, served warm from the oven.

If you’ve never been to Martha’s Country Bakery, you should start now so you can put in your advance order of holiday pies and cakes and eliminate the waiting. The friendly staff is accepting orders for Thanksgiving pies including pumpkin, coconut custard, apple, cherry crumble, blueberry, and pecan. To help ease the holiday crunch, you can now buy pre-packed trays of their famous cookies, cupcakes, macaroons, and their homemade chocolate truffles. Just grab a tray and prepare to be thanked by your host when you arrive with a dazzling package of gorgeous, pastel-colored macaroons, assorted cupcakes, or truffles in flavors such as salted caramel and raspberry.

One of my favorites is Martha’s banana-chocolate chip bread pudding, served warm with whipped cream. There’s even chocolate bread pudding for the chocoholic. Banana cream pudding is a creamy, light, all natural banana dessert that brings back fond memories of childhood. Martha’s cakes are sky high, full of flavor and quality ingredients, and not overly sweet. Raspberry layer cake features chocolate cake layers slathered with raspberry mousse, topped with whipped cream while the 7-layer chocolate cake has thin layers of moist, chocolaty cake layered between fluffy, rich chocolate mousse. The caramel cake melts in your mouth and everyone loves the moist carrot cake, red velvet cake and strawberry shortcake, with real cream. Raspberry almond cake and Black Forest with cherries are other favorites here, available by the slice, or the entire cake. Latin style tres leches cakes is made with three types of milk and served cold. Even if you say you don’t like pie, Martha’s Country Bakery will change your opinion. The cherry crumble is my favorite and the sour cream apple pie is outrageously delicious, served warm if you like, with a scoop of gelato that just makes this the perfect dessert.

Martha’s Country Bakery has a weekly special that pairs up one of their delicious baked treats with a scoop of gelato and a coffee drink. The gelato is great on its own too, with flavors that include Nutella banana, coffee, and chocolate chip. Coffee drinks are made with high quality beans and served hot or cold. Hot chocolate is made the traditional way, with real, melted down Ghirardelli chocolate and milk. There’s pumpkin hot chocolate too and a variety of teas to warm you up. Start your morning with one of these hot drinks and a flaky croissant, muffin or sweet roll. Muffin flavors include blueberry banana, bran, cappuccino, cranberry, carrot, chocolate chip and more. Dunk a cinnamon stick pastry or a piece of their famous yogurt pound cake into the magical brew. Tender scones laced with pecans or raisins dunk right into your hot coffee for the perfect start to your day, to stay or to go.

Coming soon…Martha’s Country Bakery is opening two locations in Williamsburg Brooklyn on Bedford Avenue. The location near North 1st Street will open in late January and is so big, there will be a d.j. in the house to entertain while you sip and spoon. The North 7th-8th Street will follow soon after in February so visit their website for updated information. Martha’s Country Bakery has three very successful locations in Queens: Astoria, Forest Hills and Bayside. All are open from 6:30am to midnight on weeknights and until 1:00am on Saturday nights to accommodate late night snacking and orders to take home for Sunday morning’s breakfast.

Place your holiday orders now for pies and cakes, remember that Martha’s has exquisitely decorated occasion cakes 365 days a year with any specialty theme you can imagine.

Follow them on Facebook or just follow your nose to the nearest Martha’s Country Bakery!

36-21 Ditmars Blvd.
Astoria (718) 545-9737
70-30 Austin Street
Forest Hills (718) 544-0088
41-06 Bell Blvd.
Bayside (718) 225-5200

Williamsburg coming soon!


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