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Turkey Eyes Cyprus
By Andreas C. Chrysafis

To The Editor:
As a thinker and a writer in support of justice and rule of law, but also a strong believer in equality on the basis of one-man-one-vote and one citizenship, I find myself perplexed by the recent cunning and shocking statements made by the Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci. He publicly announced, “The Turkish Cypriot community must find the ways of being able to have the majority of property ownership and population in its own area.”
In my opinion the above simply means that Turkey NEVER changed its tactic and ambitions for a two-state solution; one state for the Turkish Cypriots and another for the Greek Cypriots!
Akinci has proven (one more time) to be just another mouthpiece for Ankara. What is the point of negotiating with such a representative who does not have the power to make a decision contrary to Turkey’s policy? So let’s stop this game of deceit once and for all.
How the government plans to spin those TC ambitions we shall wait and see. One thing is for sure. No such revelations can be made while negotiations are on the table – not unless there is some truth in them! This is a dangerous game being played at the moment and unless the government makes radical decisions and changes its present tactics, we would lose half of Cyprus to Turkey and also hand them on a platter half of our natural resources – and that is exactly what they are after!
This would be done with the blessing of the EU, the UN and America; they are all part of the game! The IMF has already an active role and has become a crucial player in this matter handed to it by the government.
It is one thing to negotiate with a smiling gentleman and another to gamble the integrity of the nation by trusting those smiles. The government has failed to see behind those PR “good intentions” that cleverly conceal a forked tongue. We may be half-asleep but certainly NOT half-dead!
Andreas C. Chrysafis

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