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Gazette Endorsements 2015

District Attorney Richard A. Brown

The Western Queens Gazette proudly endorses District Attorney Richard A. Brown for another four-year term as the Queens prosecutor. It has become a quadrennial sign of the utmost respect for Mr. Brown that he has not had an opponent for reelection in 1995, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011 and now 2015, covering a span of 24 years.

It is truly remarkable, but yet there’s a simple explanation for it. The DA has a remarkable personality. Everyone loves and respects him and wouldn’t think of picking a fight with him. Secondly, he is doing a flawless job as a prosecutor, adhering to the law and extending constitutional rights to every defendant.

We urge everyone to vote for DA Brown next Tuesday.

Peter F. Vallone, Jr.

The Gazette endorses Peter F. Vallone Jr. in Tuesday’s election for Judge of the Civil Court in Queens.

A very observant writer recently wrote about Mr. Vallone that he is “headed into what could be a highly suitable new career as a judge,” looking ahead to Tuesday’s elections, where Vallone is seeking a Civil Court judgeship.

For Mr. Vallone, it would be a perfect marriage, dispensing legal decisions based on the law, which he loves and respects highly and is highly versed in. He also showed these traits in his last position as a City Councilmember, where he wrote several laws to improve the safety of New Yorkers.

The Gazette urges it readers to vote for Mr. Vallone, he deserves our votes.

Barry Grodenchik

Barry Grodenchik is seeking election to the City Council in the 23rd District covering northeast Queens. The Gazette endorses Grodenchik’s election and urges its readers to vote for him next Tuesday.

For more than 20 years, Mr. Grodenchik, 55, has worked at assisting several Queens borough presidents in serving the people of this borough. The Gazette feels his work has prepared him well to carry out the duties of a City Councilmember and we urge a vote for Mr. Grodenchik in this Tuesday’s election.

On the ballot in next Tuesday’s elections, three sitting judges, Martin Ritholtz, Peter O’Donoghue and Duane Hart, are seeking reelection as state Supreme Court justices.

Also three other candidates – Laurentina McKetney Butler, Maureen Healey (up for reelection) and Ushir Pandit-Durant – are seeking election as Queens Civil Court judges. All were placed on the ballot by the Queens Democratic Party.

The Gazette is endorsing the election of all the above six candidates: the state Supreme Court judges because they were proposed for reelection after completing their first 14-year terms satisfactorily; and we are also endorsing the second group seeking Civil Court judgeships.

The Gazette urges a vote for all six candidates.

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