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Pan Arcadian Federation of America "Geros Tou Morea Holding Unique Dinner Dance"

By Catherine Tsounis

Asteras Tripoli team.

Asteras Tripoli team. Only two percent of Americans enjoy soccer. Globally, soccer is the most popular sport. The Pan Arcadian Federation of America “Geros Tou Morea” will have Greece’s soccer legends at their annual dance, Friday evening, November 6th at Terrace on the Park at 52-11 111th St., Flushing, NY. The Asteras Tripolis soccer team will be honored as “Hellenes of the ear”. Mr. George Borovilos, President of Asteras Tripoli and President of the Super League and Mr. Peter Nanos, Vice President of the Greek Children’s Fund will be honored as “Arcadians of the Year”. Scholarships will be given. Gregory Maninakis and the “Microcosmos” Orchestra will provide entertainment. For information, contact President Apostolos Lagos at 347-203-4757.

Who is Asteras Tripoli Soccer Club? It is from the city of Tripoli in Arcadia, Greece. The club was founded in 1931. Since 2007–08 seasons, they have played in Super league Greece, the top professional league in Greece.1 On October 23rd; they were 7th in Super League.

 I had the unique honor of meeting with a dynamic sportscaster, Kostas “Mak” Macarounis recently. His electrifying reporting has inspired persons globally to visit Arcadia938 website and web radio program. Kostas is a native of Tripoli, from a middle class Arcadian family. His mother, retired educator/philologist Pitsa Gerou and father Chistos Macarounis, retired telephone administrator, have instilled in him a love for soccer. His late grandfather, local businessman Konstantinos Gerou, helped many families during the difficult years after WWII. Kostas is a popular sportscaster on www.arcadia938.gr \radio and internet site.

On September 21, 2015, OTE TV, Greek National Television, met with Arcadia 93.8 radio Kostas Mak representing the press at an Asteras Tripoli game in Serbia.Kostas Mak representing the press at an Asteras Tripoli game in Serbia.station and walked the city’s streets. They talked with people before a European match, gaining an insight of what Asteras Tripolis team means to the average Greek. The All Star games in the Europa League will be broadcast from OTE TV. 2

Kostas “Mak” explained “We are happy and thrilled to live and experience Asteras Tripolis’ participation in the Europa League. Asteras Tripolis is not only important to Tripoli and Arcadia, but all of the Peloponnese, Greece. When I ask the players how they feel about playing for the team, they say they are blesses. We are all blessed to have Asteras Tripolis close to us. We support her totally with all of our strength.”3  November 6th will be a unique moment for New Yorkers to meet with Asteras Tripoli at the Pan Acardian Federation of America “Geros Tou Morea” annual Dinner dance in Terrace on the Park.



Special appreciation to Christo Macarounis who contributed photographs.

1.      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asteras_Tripoli_F.C.- history.

2.      http://www.arcadia938.gr/index.php/athlitika/110-afierwma-ston-astera-me-ton-arcadia938- unique video showing the intense loyalty of Tripolis city to Astera Tripolis  soccer team.

3.      https://picasaweb.google.com/105743188183721570894/KostaMakeSportscaster


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