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Feds Sentence Attempted Queens Cop Shooter To 12 Years

By Liz Goff
A 57-year-old Manhattan man arrested in 2011 for the attempted murder of two Jackson Heights cops was sentenced last week in Brooklyn Federal Court to more than 12 years in prison, authorities said.

Olmeda was wearing a bulletproof vest and was carrying two fully loaded handguns, a loaded Uzi and “suspicious” material that could be used in making an explosive device when he was nabbed by the Manhattan police who recognized him as the gunman who was being sought for opening fire on the two Jackson Heights police officers on December 2, 2011 - sending one round into a dental clinic packed with youngsters.

Cops said shots rang out at about 3:55 p.m. on December 2, 2011, at the intersection of 37th Road and 78th Street in Jackson Heights after two officers on foot patrol out of the 115th Precinct were alerted of an oddly dressed, bearded man wearing a trench coat, hat and sunglasses, who was acting suspiciously.

“The Jackson Heights cops spotted Olmeda and kept asking him to take his hands out of his pockets,” police sources said. “When the cops asked him for identification, he pulled a black revolver out of his pocket and he just opened fire, point-blank at the cops,” the sources said.

The two cops chased Olmeda and found his fake beard, sunglasses and hat a few blocks away from the scene of the gunfire, but he managed to evade arrest, police said.

Workers and patients at the dental clinic dropped to the floor and hid behind furniture o avoid the gunfire, police sources said. No one was injured at the clinic and the two rookie oops were not injured in the attack, police said.

Olmeda was arrested by the Manhattan cops on December 19, 2011 and charged with illegally possessing a .45-caliber pistol and a .38-caliber revolver following a nearly month-long NYPD manhunt. Following his arrest, police recovered a document from Olmeda’s car that contained a list of “targets” including the name of a federal judge and the names of two attorneys that had formerly represented him, authorities said.

Police later searched Olmeda’s apartment, where they recovered a cache of weapons including a fully-loaded,.223-caliber semiautomatic rifle and a fully-loaded, .9mm semiautomatic pistol, authorities said.

In September 2012, police searched a Yonkers locker rented by Olmeda, where they recovered additional weapons including two “super” rifles equipped with scopes, two machine guns and more than eight pistols, authorities said.

“Antonio Olmeda, a one-man armory, was a convicted felon in possession of a vast cache of deadly weapons,” U.S. Attorney Preet Barara said. “He violated federal law by possessing guns at all, and even had he not been a convicted felon he violated federal law by not registering certain of the weapons.”

Olmeda pleaded guilty in Brooklyn Federal Court on October 14, 2014 to six weapons charges. He is also facing a slew of state weapons charges and attempted murder charges stemming from his 2011 attack on the two Queens police officers.

“As alleged in the pending state prosecution of Olmeda for attempted murder, he was not merely a hoarder of weapons, but used them with deadly intentions, shooting at two uniformed police officers,” Bharara said. His sentence reflects the seriousness of his crimes.

Olmeda was facing up to 40 years in prison on the federal charges, if convicted and a possible life sentence on the Queens charges.

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