2015-10-28 / Features

Three Parrots In A Row

Photo Liz GoffPhoto Liz GoffA trio of wild parrots perched on a tree were spotted in Astoria where they held a conversation as they glanced out at the local scenery.“They’re probably talking about us,” an onlooker said. “Probably wondering if we’ve ever seen a parrot before today.” Local residents and café patrons first spotted the parrots after the birds began chattering to each other at about 2 pm on October 22, while sitting on a tree on 23rd Avenue near 33rd Street. “We heard something but couldn’t see where the chattering was coming from,” a local homeowner said. “Then we spotted the parrots sitting side-by-side in the tree, gabbing away.” Concerned neighbors called the ASPCA for assistance, fearing the birds would fall victim to chilly overnight temperatures. A spokesperson for the animal rescue group said a rescue team was dispatched to the scene to try to capture the chatty birds and bring them to safety.
—Liz Goff

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