2015-10-28 / Editorials

Happy Halloween

Halloween is the favorite holiday of the year for a huge number of people. We believe it reflects a very human urge for drama – dressing up, scary sights, sounds, and stories of the spooky, supernatural, fantastic – and treats! There are all kinds of original and traditional happenings (check our Community Calendar and various notices throughout the publication); foods and beverages being offered up by creative Queens merchants, both at their venues, and to bring home for your own parties. Enjoy this annual break from the usual routine that asks only for creativity, suspension of disbelief, a bit of daring and some good sense. Be safe when running around this holiday evening: don’t trip on your costume, adjust your mask so you can see both sides when crossing streets, and bring a flashlight. Also, stay with your group, avoid the most serious pranksters, and enjoy the special goodies within reason. We would love to see your photos, and wish you a Happy Haunted Halloween!

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