2015-10-28 / Editorials

Daniel Murphy’s Law

We want to congratulate the Mets on their National League Championship victory! As we now focus on the World Series, let us pause for a moment to dwell in the pleasure of our winnings thus far. After 15 long years it’s AMAZING to see the Mets win the Pennant! In a sweep against the other NLDS winners, the Mets smoothly defeated the Chicago Cubs, in spite of a certain famous prediction (in Back to the Future II), we all know how superstitious baseball fans and players can be. In a strange twist, the Mets swooped in for victory on “Back to the Future Day,” October 21, 2015, ironically for the Cubs. But “Anything That Can Go Right Will,” according to Daniel Murphy’s Law, as the National League Championship Series MVP trophy winner broke the major league record with homers in six straight postseason games, last set by Carlos Beltran in 2004 against the Houston Astros.

This is the first time Citi Field will see the World Series, and let us hope our new stadium is charmed, though we know it is not all luck. We are confident the Mets have the grit, determination, shrewdness, and talent it will take to bring them all the way. We have seen the Mets win the World Series twice so far, and we are certain they can pull it off again, especially with the powerhouse team of heroes we have. While keeping our fingers crossed, we know we have a deserving team of talented, focused, determined, and honorable winners, and we look forward to toasting the Mets’ ultimate victory in the very near Future!

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