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NYPD Offers Safety Tips For Little Goblins

By Liz Goff
Queens police officials are offering a series of tips for parents to follow to make sure that youngsters remain safe while trick-or-treating this Halloween:
  • Make sure an adult examines all Halloween candy and other treats before allowing children to eat them. Never let children eat unwrapped or open treats.
  • Halloween treats should only be eaten if they are wrapped in original, unbroken packages
  • An adult should always accompany children as they “trick-or-treat” – even children traveling in groups
  • Children should wear flame resistant costumes that allow them to move their arms and walk freely without tripping. Masks should not prevent a child from seeing or hearing
  • Makeup used in face painting must be non-toxic
  • Children who trick-or-treat at night should carry a flashlight and wear reflective or light-colored clothing and costumes
  • Children with allergies or other special needs should always be accompanied by an adult with permission to take emergency measures
  • Teach your children to remain alert around strangers, to avoid poorly lit homes and places and to avoid knocking on the doors of strangers.

If your child has a reaction to candy, fruit or other items in their trick-or-treat bags, call the NYC Health Department Poison Control Center at 212-POISONS, or take the child to a local hospital emergency room.

“Halloween is a time for children to enjoy trick-or-treating – and the ghosts and goblins that make the season fun,” Asst. Chief Diana Pizzuto said. “By following these rules and applying simple common sense, we can all keep our children safe and happy this Halloween.”

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