2015-10-14 / Editorials

Rooting For Our Home Boys

It is the New York Mets’ first time back to the post season since 2006 and we are excited! In spite of some inexplicable and painful losses, the Mets have had more wins and we hope the trend continues.

We are relieved that team Captain David Wright is back and still has his considerable batting skills. We need him and wish him well. We also have aggressive hitting from Curtis Granderson, Yoenis Cespedes, Daniel Murphy, Wilmer Flores, and Lucas Duda; and strong pitching from Bartolo Colon, Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard.

We are sad for the Yankees, but we are sure victory is in their future.

As always, we are root-root-rooting for the home team, whether at Citi Field, or local establishments, or home. Some have informally organized rallies for the National League Division Series, bar-hopping and snacking in a giant party as the games proceed. This is an exciting time for us at the epicenter of the Mets’ homeland, and of course we hope they make it all the way to the World Series. Let’s Go Mets!

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