2015-10-07 / Restaurant of the Week

Gossip Coffee

The word is out about Gossip Coffee and you should be spreading the Gossip too. I was lucky enough to visit Gossip Coffee on September 29th which was “National Coffee Day”, and indeed there is no better way to celebrate coffee EVERY day of the year than at the newly opened Gossip Coffee on 30th Avenue in Astoria. I was a journalist among journalists that day, with reporters from the Daily News as well, so we were all in good company, covering the latest scoop or should we say “brew?”

Owners James and John transformed an old store into a cool, retro chic coffee bar complete with pecan wood floors, Danish modern furniture that invites you to stay and relax a while, and a unique herringbone tile motif on the floor and bar fascia. The outdoor garden is absolutely Zen-like and the blonde, leather stools and sturdy communal table invite conversation, collaboration, work, or surfing, thanks to the free Wifi. Old cameras and LP records line the shelves and music from the 50’s and 60’s provides the soundtrack to a pleasant visit to Gossip Coffee.

The Italian made “La Marzocco” coffee machine whirs constantly with the sound of brewing and steaming to create most of the wonderful coffee drinks here under the supervision of Billy, Gossip’s coffee consultant.  Espresso, cappuccino, caffe latte, caffe macchiato, Cuban cortadito, and even seasonal pumpkin spiced lattes are on offer, both hot and cold, to stay or to go. The latest trend in coffee is the ‘cold brew’ and Gossip Coffee has cold brewed coffee to die for. In fact it even goes into some of the sweet treats made by hand here, which leads me to the Donut King.

Chef Scottish Francis Legge won fame and honor from the hit television show “Master Chef” Season 5, when uber Chef Gordon Ramsey touted him “The Donut King” for his “holey” confections. This chef knows a thing or two about donuts and wakes up each day at 3:00am to make the dough for his award-winning donuts. The flavors are inspired and change each day but include standards like glazed and chocolate as well as the unexpected prosciutto and Guinness made with real stout beer. Pumpkin spice latte donuts and other Halloween-inspired donuts are vegan and made with two shots of cold-brewed coffee.  We enjoyed a banana coconut donut along with freshly brewed cappuccino and found the donut to have a great, lofty bite that yields to the teeth and springs back.  The donut itself is not too sweet to allow the toppings to shine through. The “Holey Pope” bun had an apricot center, while the raisin bun was moist and full of sweet raisins.  A very special “blood moon” donut was made for the lunar eclipse that captivated everyone. Moist banana walnut bread offers a hefty slice of heaven, perfect for dunking into your coffee or tea and all items can be packed up to take to work on the nearby N train. Speaking of tea, black, white, and oolong teas are just some of the varieties offered, brewed hot or cold.

Light, flaky croissants in plain, chocolate, or almond varieties go very well with the rich coffee.

Several varieties of rice pudding are on hand in different sizes to stay or to go. The vibe is casual and cool, relaxed and meditative. Visit Gossip Coffee while the weather is warm enough to enjoy the serene garden out back. I urge you to visit their website for extraordinary photos, or follow them on Instagram and Face Book.  Spread the word about Gossip Coffee and find out what everyone is talking about.

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