2015-10-07 / Features

Tut’s Hub Opening

The grand opening of Tut’s Hub will be mid- October located at 30-91 Steinway Street. The restaurant will include three floors of intellectual fun. Featuring a historic theme of Ancient Egypt that primarily focuses on the historical era of King Tut, Tut’s Hub was hand-sculptured and carved on the premises, including its unique artwork. You will be able to visit a historic time and relive the ancient civilization belonging to King Tut.

The restaurant includes the opportunity to create your own Feter. Brick-oven creations are created right in front of you, as there will be an open kitchen making fresh food right on the spot. Tut’s Hub will also include an Authentic Koshery Dish. An open grill will be available that will feature: rotisserie chicken, fried calamari, filet of fish, shrimp, chicken cutlets, chicken nuggets and mozzarella sticks. As well, vegetable favorites like falafel will be served. There will also be a pasta station in which you can create your own dish.

There will be three floors including a two-floor restaurant. The third floor will serve as a space for birthday parties.

It will also include a playroom and party area. Tut’s Hub features interactive digital and intellectual artwork, and a sculpture and learning center. Catering is available, so be sure to take advantage of this new interesting addition to the neighborhood. Don’t miss this unique restaurant and entertainment center in the heart of Steinway Street. —Anaé Petito

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