2015-09-30 / Editorials

Pope’s Example Inspires

Now that we have been graced with the presence of Pope Francis, people of all denominations are taking his words to heart more than ever. His courage is inspiring many. Pope Francis’ stance is rocking the status quo – while simultaneously gaining new proponents among non- Catholics, even atheists, with his populist emphasis. However, as the Pope stated in his address to Congress last week, “It is my duty to build bridges and to help all men and women, in any way possible, to do the same.”

During his visit, Pope Francis said, “Humanity has the ability to work together in building our common home,” and he praised our country’s adherence to our tenets of freedom of religion while noting our great resources require from us a deep sense of moral responsibility. ‘God Bless America,’ he said. The Pope also urged us to welcome immigrants and refugees, as quoted in the same article, “As the son of an immigrant family, I am happy to be a guest in this country, which was largely built by such families.”

It is not only what he says, which is refreshing and resonates with people universally, but how his actions are consistent with the message. As he rode in a modest Fiat 500L, not a big, fancy limo, nor an armored “pope-mobile,” and chose to dine with the homeless instead of statesmen, Pope Francis demonstrates he is a pope of the people.

Images of him hugging and kissing everyone, regardless of their religion or status, has sparked in us an enthusiastic response and, dare we say, we pray this leads to a new epoch of peace in world history.

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