2015-09-30 / Editorials

CB1 Airport Access Chair’s Statement Re: LGA

Due to time constraints on Monday, September 21, the following concerns regarding LaGuardia Airport were not publicly addressed by Rose Marie Poveromo, Chair, Airport Access, Community Board 1.

My remarks will be brief, Mr. Chairman, but pointed for public record as Chair of Airport Access and though much has been heard before by my learned Board colleagues ad nauseam, there is another potential assault in the wings.

To begin we ask…have those seated in DC making decisions that have, are, or will affect every moment of the everyday lives of thousands of Queens County residents, lost their moral ethical compass, concerned only with the traveling public and dollars generated, giving no thought, not a whit, for those of us living 24/7 in the neighborhoods of Astoria Heights, Jackson Heights and East Elmhurst contiguous to LaGuardia Airport?

It is beyond rational justification that with airline passengers expected to double in 20 years, along with aviation emissions, that those who can, in the Obama Administration’s EPA and who should be concerned, are not coupling air pollution – toxic poisonous gas emissions from airplanes with the deafening cries to reduce aircraft noise!

Moreover, the proposal to lift the 1,500- mile perimeter rule banning long distance flights to and from uniquely land-locked LaGuardia Airport is both irresponsible and dangerous.

Bigger and heavier planes filled with extra fuel for the longer haul… to accommodate more and more long distance passengers is a disaster waiting to happen at LaGuardia’s 7,000-foot runways which, to quote Captain Chesley Sullenberger, are… “perilously short and a challenge.”

To add to the scenario, LaGuardia is home to a massive fuel farm directly across the street from private homes and fueled by the Buckeye Pipeline which runs through and around the community to the airport’s storage tanks.

We, the residents of the aforementioned communities are deeply concerned and respectfully request Gov. Andrew Cuomo to investigate the ill-conceived proposal to lift the 1,500-mile perimeter rule and oppose any and all future assaults to our already fragile quality of life.

So goes my report, Mr. Chairman.

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