2015-09-16 / Restaurant of the Week

Villa Brasil Café

No matter how often you visit Villa Brasil Café Grill on 34th Avenue, you’ll always see three things: an astounding variety of freshly prepared hot and cold Brasilian specialties, a smiling staff, and a crowd of loyal customers piling their plates up with the area’s best meats sizzling from the churrasca. Villa Brasil Café Grill is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner and for the quality and price of the food here, it simply can’t be beat.

Even on a steamy summer night the dining room was full of people of all ages, and families too, who know that everything here tastes great and it’s just too hot to cook anyway. With an impressive cold salad buffet, hot buffet, and meats from the rotating grill, offered from $5.99 per pound to $8.99 per pound for meat only, this is a great deal on all counts.

Owner Deilson Teixeira and his lovely wife do everything possible to ensure a pleasant experience and the staff are friendly and helpful. Follow the enticing aromas to the rear of the restaurant where the steam table holds dozens of tempting dishes. My eyes met a huge, pineapple-glazed ham, all carved and ready to eat along with sweet potato casserole, corn casserole, and rice and beans. I could live on rice and beans and these are so tasty, you’ll want to too. The locals top them with ground corn meal for extra texture and flavor. Next were trays of roasted chicken, chicken wings, and crunchy chicken tenders on skewers, which kids and adults both love. Sliced beef needed just a fork to cut and the savory gravy was great over seasoned rice. Flaky, fresh fish was sautéed with roasted peppers and lemon and there are fried fish filets too. Italian dishes such as pasta and lasagna take center stage along with a Brasilian national dish called feijoada; a thick stew of sausage, pork, beans and savory spices, which goes great over rice.

There is something for everyone here, including vegetarians, with a variety of steamed and sautéed vegetables and a full salad bar with veggies of all kinds, such as shredded kale with light lemony dressing, beets, carrots, 3-bean salad, homemade salsa and lots more.

Hot and cold trays are constantly replaced and replenished and new dishes are added and changed each day so there is always something new to try and it’s always fresh, so come in often. Pile it on your plate but meat lovers will want to save room for the star attraction: MEAT! Not just meat, but fine quality sirloin, a local cut called picanha, tender skirt steak and juicy hangar steak. These meats spin around a steel skewer against searing heat, are sliced to your order, then salted and replaced so the supply never ends. I love the chicken sausages, chicken hearts (a delicacy) and beef short ribs.

The formula is simple: take what you want and pay by the pound. Eat in the tidy dining room or take it out with you. For the hot and cold buffet only, pay $5.99 per pound. Add meat from the BBQ to the buffet and pay just $6.99 per pound. You can even buy the meat only and create your own meal for $8.99 per pound. You can’t make it yourself at this price and who has a churrasca at home??

Visit Villa Brasil Café Grill any day or night for a taste of Brasil’s best cuisine. Stay in, or take it out, but samba on over to Villa Brasil Café Grill.

43-16 34th Avenue, L.I.C.

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