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No Charges For Daughter In Shooting/Burning

By Liz Goff

The 15-year-old daughter of a woman charged with murdering her Astoria boyfriend on August 29 will not face criminal charges, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said.
Brown said Zanasia McIntosh was in an Astoria alley when her mother, Dawn McIntosh and Donte Watkins, set fire to the body of Shron McWhorter, 43, on August 29 in an effort to dispose of the body and erase any link between McIntosh and the murder.
But the teen has not been charged because there is no evidence that indicates her participation in the horrific crime, prosecutors said.
New information released last week by police and Brown’s office added an even darker element to the grisly murder.
Cops said McIntosh, 46, flew into a rage at McWhorter early on August 29, for allegedly cheating on her. The argument at a residence on 14th Street in Astoria turned deadly when McIntosh opened fire, striking McWhorter two times in the upper left torso, police said.
McIntosh tried to move the body, but she couldn’t, police said. So she called Watkins, 21, and her daughter to help get rid of the body.
The initial plan was to lift McWhorter into his Jeep, parked in an alley near 14th Street and Astoria Boulevard, police said. But when the body was too heavy for Watkins to lift, McIntosh moved into “Plan B,” police sources said.
“In front of her kids, she poured lighter fluid on the body and set it on fire,” police sources said. “She did it as her kids looked on.” The mother and children then fled the scene.
Sources said McWhorter’s Jeep was found about 100 feet from his charred remains. The rear bumper of the Jeep was smeared with McWhorter’s blood, left there when McIntosh and Watkins tried to lift his body into the vehicle, police sources said.
 The body was so badly burned that detectives were only able to identify McWhorter by a tattoo on a portion of his left arm, police sources said. The victim’s 67-year-old mother officially identified his remains on her birthday, August 31, the sources said.
Police officials said detectives at the 114th Precinct Squad found the “smoking gun clue,” that would help them finger the killer in less than 24 hours.
Police officials said the detectives found a piece of a broken fingernail on the body. When they went to question McIntosh at her apartment at the nearby Astoria Houses, one of the detectives noticed that she had a broken fingernail and she was taken into custody, police officials said. When the detectives confronted McIntosh, she confessed on the spot, police officials said
McIntosh was charged with second-degree murder, criminal possession of a weapon and tampering with evidence at her arraignment at Queens Criminal Court, where she was held without bail. Watkins was arrested and charged with tampering with physical evidence, Brown said.
Police sources said Watkins, McIntosh and the 15-year-old live together in an apartment at the Astoria Houses.
Law enforcement sources said McIntosh has two prior arrests, both sealed by the courts. McWhorter, who was described as a “street guy,” has a history of 29 arrests, 18 of which were for drug related crimes in Brooklyn. He was arrested for a criminal sex act in 2005 and was named in four domestic abuse reports made by an unidentified woman in 2007 and 2008, the sources said.
Police said a local resident spotted the burning body at about 7 am on Saturday morning and called 911. Firefighters who arrived at the scene moments later found McWhorter laying face up with a gunshot wound to his chest, fire officials said. His feet were propped up against the rear door of a building at 27-26 14th Street and his body was on fire from the waist down, fire officials said.
A top-ranking police official on Monday applauded detectives at the 114th Precinct Squad for their “swift and diligent actions in tracking down and arresting the people who are responsible for this barbaric murder.” The official said the detectives’ swift action “has surely brought relief to area residents who expressed shock at the brutality of this murder.”

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