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Neighbors Lament C Town Closing

The C Town Supermarket at 29-02 Broadway closed its doors on September 7, but not before a manager vowed the store would reopen in about two years, as part of a new residential/commercial development at the site.

The closing on September 7 marks the end for one of the last remaining original supermarkets in Astoria.

A supermarket first opened at the site in 1958, serving a neighborhood largely composed of World War II veterans and their offspring, baby boomers preparing for high school graduation. The first C Town Supermarket opened at the site in the early 1970s, neighbors said.

“My son got his first job at that supermarket,” neighbor Mary Sgarlata said. “He was 15-years-old, but he wanted to work after school. So he went to see the manager, who gave in and hired him to pack bags. He was moved up to delivery boy a year later, but his father would only let him deliver to the local neighborhood,” Sgarlata said. “He attached a wooden wagon to his bike and that’s how he delivered the groceries,”

Sgarlata said her son worked at the supermarket through high school, and eventually landed a job with Walmart. “He’s now a grocery manager at a store on Long Island, and he got his start at a supermarket that opened next door to our home,” she said.

The owner of the C Town Supermarket filed an application with DOB in March, to expand the existing one-story structure to include a four-story residential building that will feature underground parking and a brand new, state-of-the-art C Town Supermarket.

A store manager said the new supermarket should be ready to open its doors in about two years.

“It’s too bad that they have to close,” one long time patron said. “This is the last supermarket in the neighborhood where managers know your name. They ask how the kids are, how you enjoyed your vacation,” the woman said. “A lot of people will miss that.”

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