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Cops Launch Labor Day ‘Zero Tolerance’ Crackdown

Police at the Queens Highway Patrol Unit and local precincts will be hitting the streets this weekend in an NYPD Labor Day crackdown on motorists who are drunk or impaired, drivers who text or talk on cell phones, smart phones and other electronic devices while driving.

The offensive dubbed, “Operation Cold Sober,” targets motorists who get behind the wheel after a night out at local clubs and taverns, police said.

The crackdown will put a “significant number” of cops on the street before - and after the 4 a.m. closing time of most Queens bars and nightclubs, on the lookout for drunk drivers, police officials said.

The crackdown will also send cops who are trained to identify drunk drivers and administer Breathalyzer tests to high-traffic areas where they will detain motorists at traffic checkpoints, officials said.

Police officials said the stepped-up enforcement is necessary late at night, to catch drunk drivers in the early morning hours, “when they are finished partying for the night.”

Cops assigned to the enforcement have been trained to identify drunk drivers by observing a motorists’ demeanor, how he or she is handling a vehicle and by engaging in conversation with the motorist to determine motor skills and if he or she is slurring their words, police sources said.

Police at the 114th Precinct this week issued a warning to motorists who drink and drive. Precinct officials said cops will establish checkpoints throughout the area to nab drunk drivers, issue summonses to motorists who fail to wear seat belts and those who insist on talking or sending text messages on their cell phones while driving.

Police officials said Operation Cold Sober, along with seat belt and cell phone enforcement, would continue on weekends and holidays throughout the fall season.

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